Following the 5-Step Nzymes Healthy Skin Program

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NZYMES offers 3 Standard Healthy Skin Kits, as well as 2 Super-Kits (not shown here) for those families dealing with multiple cases in the home. The MAIN Antioxidant product comes in two forms: Antioxidant Treats (in the SMALL Healthy-Skin Kit); and the Sprouted Granules (used in the LARGE and MINI Healthy-Skin Kits. The Sprouted Granules are the primary ingredient used in our Antioxidant Treats.

3 std skin kits> How the Healthy-Skin Products Perform their Duties:

Antioxidants (Treats or Granules): Each Treat or teaspoon of Granules provided the body with a Powerful Superfood Protein which nutritionally supports bones, muscles, skin, tissues, hair and coat and the nutritional strengthening of your dog’s immune system. Both add the LIVE FOOD function the body recognizes and allows it to better utilize the nutrients in the pet’s food. It helps the body build natural antioxidants like Superoxide Dismutase with its counterpart Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase and Methionine Reductase which help to flush out free radicals and toxins. (Printable Instructions)

Ox-E-Drops: Each drop of Ox-E-Drops adds alkalinity (higher pH) to your pets’ gastrointestinal tract, creating a less hospitable environment for the fungal overgrowth in the GI tract. In addition to adding this product to your dog’s food and water, you will also make a 2% topical solution to apply to all affected areas 3-4 per day (see step #4 to learn how).

BlackLeaf: BlackLeaf is added to the dog’s meals beginning week 2. Its herbal properties offers are natural counter effect to the fungus overgrowth as well as supporting better immunity overall. Coupled with the Ox-E-Drops, they provide a powerful 1-2 punch in the battle with yeast overgrowth.

Bac-Pak Plus: The powerful Micro-Encapsulated Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes in the Bac-Pak Plus add the final key component to the program and help with the breakdown of food nutrients and the restoration of the lost beneficial digestive bacteria. Bac-Pak Plus is added to the dog’s food beginning week 4.

In Summary: A systemic yeast overgrowth is nothing more than a breakdown of the natural condition of the gut, leaving small holes where yeast has overgrown, and friendly bacteria has been diminished. Used in concert, these 4 components help to reverse that trend, slowly but surely returning the GI tract to a more natural state.

The 5-Rules of the Nzymes Healthy Skin Program

1: Use the Nzymes Products in Your Kit Every Day.

Each item in the kit is performing an important function. It is important to remember that this system is a detoxification program. The pets will generally go thru a phase of “Worse before Better” as the dying yeast toxins are being expelled from their bodies. Because of this, we do not recommend starting with all 4 the products on day one. Instead, the products are phased in over a 4 week period. This is recommended so as not to overwhelm the body by doing too much, too soon. Please see the Usage Calculator to determine the amounts to use for your pet.

kibble dog food with glucosamine2: Feed the Right Foods: Avoid Sugar Sources

One of the most important aspects of this program is to feed the proper foods. Many, if not most foods that are on the market today contain problematic ingredients that convert to sugar that feed the fungus overgrowth or are laden with harsh preservatives, additives, colorings, by-products, etc. Even the “good foods” may be constructed in a way that utilizes too many starchy carbohydrates, which convert to sugar, and feeds the problem. Using the right food cannot be overstated. Please see our list of Recommended Pet Foods.

White dog in Bath tub

3: Bathe Your Pet as Instructed:

The Skin is the largest organ of the body and it is a “Filtering Organ”. As yeast toxins die off, they are quite often filtered out at the skin, causing inflammation and itch. As the material lies on the surface, bacteria can multiply, increasing inflammation and irritation. It is Very Important to keep the skin clear. We recommend bathing your pet twice weekly using specially formulated shampoos that help to kill the organisms and to leave the skin clean. Even though our program is primarily aimed internally – in helping to restore a more natural balance to the GI tract, there is also a battle taking place on the surface. Bathing your pet frequently can help increase comfort. (see Rule #3 -Bathing instructions in the PDF Instructions)

NZYMES Ox-E 2 Topical4: Apply Ox-E Topical 3-4 Times Daily:

All Nzymes Healthy Skin Kits now contain a bottle of ready-made 4 oz. bottle of Ox-E Topical 2 % Solution. You can also make your own from the Ox-E-Drops Concentrate. Simply add 1 teaspoon of the Ox-E-Drops to 8oz of Distilled or Purified water, and keep the mixture in a spray bottle for repeat usage. It is important to spray the problem surface areas 3-4 times daily with this solution. You may prefer to spray the mixture on a cotton ball and wipe the areas instead. This solution can be used anywhere on the body including the eyes, ears, feet, genital region, as well as the skin. The pH of this solution can help promote faster recovery. (see recommendations below)

5: Prevent Damage to the Skin and Body:

Dogs can really increase the damage to the surface areas with their nails and/or teeth – Even to the point of bleeding. This only serves to make matters worse. To prevent this from happening, it may be necessary to use a cone or inflatable collar to keep them from creating more damage. T-shirts, Onesies, Socks or Booties can also be used to add an extra layer of protection for the skin. (see recommendations below)

For Complete Program Instructions and Recommendations, Click Here

Understanding the Detoxification: Expect Symptoms to Worsen During the Cleansing Period

This program is designed to help purge the pets’ body of the internal yeast overgrowth and the build-up of toxins that are generated from the leaky-gut damage. In order to recover, the body MUST go through this detox process, but it TAKES TIME. The cleanse will come in phases and the symptoms may look much worse during the initial cleansing phase (months 1 to 2). This is normal – and it is evidence that the program is proceeding as expected. NOTE: Increased temperatures and summer heat effectively push on the body to release more toxins.

How Long Does the Program Take?

Young pets with a poor digestive foundation and older pets which have been on medications for many years take the longest times to recover. Depending on the amount of damage to the gut that is involved, the full cleanse can take on average 3 to 7 months to work through, but we have seen some of these cases take as long a year to finish the cleansing. The cleanse will come in phases and the symptoms may look much worse during the initial cleansing phase (months 1 to 2). This is normal – it is evidence that the program is proceeding as expected. The problematic toxins will be exiting the body, which is why the symptoms do sometimes increase. You can expect to see this phase for the first few months into the program.

It is very important that you keep your pet on all the items of the kit for at least one full year. Even though many the symptoms subside within a few months, continuing to use the products as instructed will help the body continue through the cleansing phase and strengthen the balance of the GI tract.

After The First Year:

Use a regular daily maintenance program of 3 products called the 3-Pak Kits.  They include either the Nzymes Antioxidant Treats or Granules, plus the Ox-E-Drops and Bac-Pak Plus to keep your pet’s immune system strong. Even though the Black-Leaf Tincture is removed from the program at this time, we recommend keeping it on hand in the event there are any future reversals. Yeast is cyclical and may present problems down the road. If this was to occur, return to the full program as before.

Working with Your Vet:

We certainly don’t want you to ignore or overlook any serious illness, fever or infection, so it is best to share this Healthy-Skin Program information with your vet and discuss the options that will let you pet recovery as naturally as possible without further medications. Ask your Vet about avoiding further Antibiotics, Steroids, and Vaccinations (especially rabies) as they can activate a reverse immune response months later and cause the old symptoms to flare-up again. Ask for a Titre Blood Test Instead to Verify the Current Rabies Vaccine.

Products Needed for Using the NZYMES Health-Skin Program

Here are the 3 primary Healthy Skin Kits. There are also 2 Super-Kits for Multiple-Dog Situations

3 main Healthy Skin kits

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Skin and other symptoms are LIKELY to worsen in the early weeks of the Program as heavy cleansing and detoxification gets underway. Feel free to CALL for Support during this period (or any other) while following the Program.

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