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The NZYMES ‘Super’ Healthy-Skin Kit Large is one of our Value-Priced Kits offered to help families dealing with Yeast/skin problems in multiple Dogs (or cats). Large refers to usage of Granules instead of Treats – for better cost effectiveness. Many customers come to us with 3, 4, or even 5 dogs dealing with challenging skin & itching issues caused by Candida overgrowth, where a more economical offering might be appreciated.

Sprouted Granules for Pets & Horses × 3

Sprouted Granules (3) are the more 'economical' way to give the nutritional resources for supporting immune function.

8oz. Refiller Ox-E-Drops

This 8-oz. (Refiller) bottle provides enough of the Ox-E-Drops to last many months; 3.7 times the volume of a 2.2oz bottle.

BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets × 3

Three bottles should suffice for several months; and 3-bottle pricing saves added money, about $7.50.

Bac-Pak Plus 400 grams

The $-saving size digestive-enzyme & probiotic supplement. It is essential to the restoration and healing process.

Ox-E Topical Spray Solution 4 oz.

Ox-E-Topical is a ready-to-go 2% topical solution of our Ox-E-Drops made with special Ionized water. Perfect for topical applications for skin, ears, eyes and more.

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NZYMES Super Healthy-Skin Kit (Large):

>> Best for families with Multiple LARGE Dogs (over 60-lbs) suffering with skin and itch problems (caused by Candida overgrowth imbalance of the digestive tract) and needing the assistance of the NZYMES Healthy-Skin Program.

Defining a “LARGE” KIT: One that comes with the Sprouted Granules versus the more ‘convenient’ Antioxidant TREATS.  The “SUPER” Kits go beyond that – to provide a “Super economical choice” for families unlucky enough to have multiple dogs suffering with the Yeast candida problems – that ravages the outside of the body while growing on the inside. The Super-Kits are then our “value priced” offerings to help families in this situation have enough product while making use of the Program for many dogs (or other pets?).

This Super-Kit, Large will SAVE about $47.50 – compared to the purchase of 3 standard Large Kits, taking slight differences into account.

Also, to be sure you get the cost-effective shipping (USA), please look for the TAB labeled “Other Shipping Options”. This particular ‘Super Kit’ contains the following products:

  • Qty. 3 of the 2-lb. Sprouted Granules (Qty discount – saves $21)
  • Qty. 1 of the Ox-E-Drops 8oz Refiller Bottle (saves about $12)
  • Qty. 1 of the Bac~Pak Plus 400-gram (double size – saves about $10)
  • Qty. 3 of the Black-Leaf Tincture 2.2 oz. (Qty discount – saves $7.50)
  • Qty. 1 of the Ox-E-Topical Spray Solution

MORE DETAILS: The above overview explains the purpose of this ‘Cost Effective’ Super Kit. However, for a deeper understanding of the actual Yeast Kit purpose and function, please read the overview for the standard size kit – Healthy-Skin Kit (Large)

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Bac-Pak Plus 400 grams


200 gm, 400 gm

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