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Worries are Calmed Upon Seeing the Difference

Is your dog already having “full-on seizures or epileptic fits”?  If you’re witnessing this on a regular basis, even with vet NZYMES Antioxidant Treats for Petsprescribed substances in use, you can’t afford further delay. You don’t want things to escalate, and trying this approach early on just may ‘save the day’. Twenty years and thousands of success stories have helped prove our theory that Stress and Body Toxicity are heavy factors related to ‘dogs having seizures’. Information offered below can help you understand how an “enzymes enabled” detox process can help address ONE of those two factors. Yes, toxin buildup within the body, which is compounded by elements found in most dog foods as well as many prescribed items, can be a major factor in the onset of seizures or epileptic events. NZYMES® supplementation has proven effective in supporting an ‘enzyme-rich’ natural/effective edge against the onset of seizure episodes. While our Products can’t help much with the stress factor, we provide some enlightenment on what you can do, or ‘watch for’, related to such factors. Our “super-food” supplement formula, found in NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats OR Sprouted Granules, has proven effective thousands of times in the face of such challenges – as can be verified by our substantial “proof of Results”.  (The TREATS are mode from the Granules.)   More explanatory information is provided Below – for any desire to expand understanding.

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Current and Timely REVIEWS on Dogs Overcoming Seizures

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My 13-year-old boxer has severe stage kidney disease. He has grand mal seizure that causes him to have days of ataxia and coordination issues. He leaks urine and pees on the floor and himself. I bought the trial pack and he began to improve – after dragging his back legs and falling over – to walking, playing and going greater periods of holding urine. I let my order lapse…granted I was high-dosing him so I could not gauge the length. Well, after 2 weeks with NO Nzymes, he had 6 grand mal seizures in 20 hours. He is struggling to recover, and I thought this was the end for my boy. I have started him on his holistic meds again and he is improving, but still struggling. I am praying his Nzymes to come fast because I now know how much they do help.
Melissa Walsh, 7-19-2019
The Antioxidant Enzymes saved my Schipperke Bandits life from seizures…Thank You very much
Shonsearea Halstead, 5-15-2019
My 19 year old Rat Terrier was having seizures every 3 to 4 weeks. I put him on Antioxidant Treats and he has not had ANY seizures for 5 months!! I am now on your products as well. Thank you so much Nzymes!!
Jaqueline Jones, 1-16-2019
They have helped reduce the frequency of my dogs seizures.
Karen Mangicaro, 2-07-2019
I always get my order quickly and in perfect condition. It keeps my chihuahua from having seizures.
Christina Spiegle, 10-14-2018
I’ve been using the granules for my dog who has seizures and as long as she takes it she’s great thank you so much.
Allison Baggett, 6-28-2018
The first order worked quite well for my dog. It stopped the seizures almost all together. she was having them twice per day. Now she has only had two since we started her on these.
Rudy Adams, 5-31-2018
This product has made such an impact on my dogs seizures. They are not completely gone but she is down to one or two every 6 months instead of one or more every week.
Monica Lentz, 4-18-2018
Easy to order and sprouted Granules work great on my Golden with a history of seizures.
Margie Jermyn, 5-12-2018



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Dog Seizure Issues – The Nzymes Viewpoint

Common Dog Seizure Symptoms

Some people have dogs that are already showing signs of “early onset” seizure problems – such as occasional panting, drooling, shaking, tremors, minor convulsions, bicycling feet, or Petit-mal episodes.  These symptoms could be early signs of a body building-up “degenerative elements” that can often escalate into more serious seizure issues.  And, If not checked and managed properly, they can lead to more severe events such as Grand-Mal episodes.

Toxins & Dog Seizure Issues

be forwarnedWhat we’re talking about with ‘degenerative elements’, is the build-up of toxin and free-radical levels within the body!  You see warnings on TV, but did you know that virtually all prescribed substances, including heart-worm and flea preventatives, are likely to increase toxin buildup in liver and kidneys? This lowers the body’s immune capabilities, which is counter-productive as seizures go. Also, many pet foods and “treats” use chemical additives and food coloring along with other food ingredients such as wheat flour or wheat gluten, where evidence has shown these to be possible key activators for seizure events. Such lower-grade foods and treats are often major contributors to seizures in dogs and should be removed from the diet. (See Foods Recommended)

Stress as a Factor with Dog Seizures

Freak_out_Fireworks2Now, as to the STRESS issue. Stress has many faces, especially for dogs. Some dogs are highly excitable; they get wound up when the family comes home or someone comes to the door.  It may be the vacuum cleaner or when a fire truck drives by that sparks your pet, but stress comes from many areas.  Think about fireworks (July 4th) or lightning and thunder. Grieving over the loss of a family member or another family pet can also spur the release of stress hormones. Likewise, moving to a new, unfamiliar area, especially cross-country, is another factor which can promote stress and release of harmful hormones. So, stress and toxin build-up are are the two things to worry about for seizure onset. The NZYMES® can help control the latter.


Nzymes Natural Approach to Dog Seizures Help

This problem is much easier to manage when you recognize and catch things early on. The better job you can do to control seizure onset, the safer your dog will be. For the toxin part of the equation, you’ll need a dual approach: (1) help the body to cleanse toxins on a daily basis; (2) do what you can to prevent toxin-building elements from entering the body. Part 1 of this approach is easy, simply provide a small daily supplement to FUEL the body’s production of its own Antioxidant enzymes (SuperOxide Dismutase, etc) to ramp-up the daily detoxification process. Part 2 is a bit more complex; first, select a more natural diet which is mostly void of elements of that contribute to toxin build-up, then avoid likely more dangerous elements by using more natural methods for flea, tick and heart-worm control. We encourage you to always be aware of the stress factor and do what you can to either de-stress your pet or be aware of situations that are likely to raise stress levels, including over-excitement. Achieving serious detoxification of the body, with the NZYMES®, can take 4-8 weeks, and may be aided by longer doubling period!

Nzymes Antioxidant Support ProductsTreats and Granules

Two clear choices, either one providing the desired result:  The NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats is our popular choice for FUN, as in “all dogs love to get treats”.  With a beef/liver flavor, 90% of dogs love them.  For LARGE dogs or the budget-minded pet owner, the Sprouted Granules are the more Economical choice. The Granules are the Base product from which the TREATS are manufactured but, unlike the Treats, they are flavorless.  The Granules are offered in 1-Lb & 2-Lb sizes and, dollar wise, will outlast the Treats by a near 3 to 1 margin. The Treats, as seen below, get less-costly according to Qty. offerings. Some people will want to go ‘economy’ while still being able to provide a Treat (instead of Granules) from time to time. Those folks may be interested in our Sampler Kit (insert).

The Essence of Antioxidant Support

These products provide the body with a concentrated enzyme-rich, ‘super-food’ form of Nutrition enhancement, though small in daily dose, powerful in daily benefit. This small daily feeding of ‘live nutrition’ is then used by the Body as a ‘resource’ in the natural production of the body’s OWN primary Antioxidant enzymes, like Super-oxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase and others which are at the forefront of maintaining cellular health. These particular enzymes, among other things, expel toxins from the body, starting at the cellular level. They also improve cell health by reducing free-radical damage (oxidation). When cells are healthy, vital, and clean, better health naturally follows. All this helps explain why you can expect a healthier body overall and thereby less seizure activity, shorter events, and faster recovery after events. As previously mentioned, seizure events may cease or become extremely rare and less severe.

Expected Outcome

Customer REVIEWS found above help to bear out these statements. Many times, seizure activity simply stops altogether. In a smaller percentage of cases, you can expect a reduction in seizure incidents as well as the general severity of events. As mentioned earlier, for the best outcome, usage of the NZYMES should be accompanied by changing to a truly Premium quality dog food – so as to reduce toxins absorbed by the body from elements found in the ‘big brand’ foods so readily available in the big-name stores. There are MANY other benefits of daily use of these products, as they are the single item needed for transforming the limited lives of dogs challenged by serious Mobility issues.  See for yourself, with our special Video Recovery Stories.

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