Free Shipping on US Orders of $65 or More

Lower Cost Shipping Options for Smaller Orders & International


Events of 2020 Have led to Changes

2020 will go down as one of the most tumultuous years in history. With the outbreak of Covid-19, and the subsequent shutdowns, supply chains were disrupted; Postal and other Delivery services were overwhelmed due to increase online activity; Shortages of supplies have led to higher prices, and delays on inventory.

For the greater part, has weathered these changes, by staying ahead on inventory where we could. But many of our suppliers have struggled with the increased safety regulations, limited production, and also obtaining necessary components from THEIR suppliers. In other words, there has been a chain-reaction effect that has rippled its way through our daily operations.

We Needed to Make Adjustments Anyway, Why not Factor in Free Shipping?

To compensate for the changes, price increases were going to be inevitable for 2021. Rather than just bump prices and go on as usual, we wanted to make a way to offer better shipping options, including Free Shipping. Please see the sections below for full details.

How to Qualify for Free Shipping

Free shipping is offered to U.S. destinations only via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. If your order of Nzymes Products reaches $65, then a Free Shipping option will appear.

What About Points and Coupons?

This is a good question. As long as your product total has reached $65, you are free to reduce your total further by use of Rewards Points or special coupon offers and still qualify for Free Shipping.

International Orders

Unfortunately, we cannot offer FREE shipping to International Destinations. But, we have devised a work-around to help with your costs. Once your International Order has reached $65, an AUTOMATIC 10% Discount will be applied to your order total. You are still free to use Reward Points or other Special offers in conjunction with this savings.

To qualify for the automatic 10% discount, the system must recognize that you are shipping to an international destination. The EASIEST way to accomplish this is to Create an Account with your address info included, and be Logged-In before checkout. The system will then apply the international discount if the total is $65 or greater.

Lower-Cost Shipping for Smaller Orders

A $65 threshold may not be a fit for every Nzymes shopper. So to address the needs of these shoppers, we are offering lower priced shipping for the following services…

Offerings by USPS

  • First-Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • International First-Class Mail
  • International Priority Mail

Offerings by UPS

  • Ground
  • 2nd-Day Air
  • Next-Day Air

The lower cost UPS expedited options will also be available for orders of $65 or more.


For Returns involving Free Shipping, or Reduced International Shipping, we are implementing a $10 Return fee on the refund.