Seeking a Wheelchair, Cart or Drag Bag for Your Poor Disabled Dog? How About a Better Option?

Despite the affliction keeping your Dog down, we bet you’d rather see your dog Walk, Run, and Play again! Right?

The alternative to Back-end support devices, or Leg Braces – that is what we’re offering here.  And it ALL happens Naturally!  It’s all about awakening and supporting the Natural Recovery capabilities of  the BODY.  Recovery Videos help to visualize all this.

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Give Your Dog’s BODY That Chance to
Maximize Natural Restorative Powers

Dog wheelchair alternative


We Bet You’d Rather Have a Thriving, Playful Dog Again

One more ‘very short’ Example Video…

See Harry’s Full Story HERE – with Follow-Up Video

Understanding Super-Nutrition Support

Whatever has your dog down, whether it be paralysis, stroke, serious back troubles (injury, IVDD, etc.), or horrible hip troubles, your precious canine friend has an excellent chance of rebounding from the observed disability!  If you don’t alter the path you’re on now, and give your dog that chance, you may never know. And, considering such a minimal expense, with Satisfaction Guarantee, there’s no reason NOT to give him/her that chance to show the wonders the body might perform!  Better yet, all this is possible without any drugs; it’s all Natural.

No other product on the market can match the serious difference in Recovery capabilities enhanced & supported within the body by “live” super-food resources the Nzymes® supplements provide. Our example Videos illustrate how the body can ‘rev up’ its own restorative powers in a manner doctors cannot believe. We certainly cannot guarantee a 100% success rate, but our history, and Reviews (4.7 of 5) support our expectation of about a 90% chance for the results you desire.  Our many recovery Video Stories can really enlighten you. BELLA is a great video to learn from; she was trying hard to use crippled legs in early weeks, but slowly progressed and was running and playing Normal in several months.

Granules - 1lbWhat to Expect:  Please, Do NOT expect your dog to rebound as quickly as LILLY or HARRY (above)!  While it ‘can happen’, a more realistic expectation would be 2-4 weeks to begin progress, and likely several months to see maximum recovery (like Bella).  A small price to pay to see your dog  saved from ‘life in a wheelchair’.  We urge you to call if you have ANY concerns or questions.Antioxidant Treats

Product Offerings:  We offer 2-forms of our Super-Food supplements, Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats (60 tabs) OR the more economical Sprouted Granules,. Either product will provide the Resources to help the body enhance its Restore/Repair capabilities. Questions? We have staff eager to help877.816.6500.


Products to Support Dog Recovery & Avoid Life in a Wheelchair

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