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See Bella Run & Play again After Back Injury & Paralysis

When it comes to dog paralysis issues and recovery challenges, NZYMES is at the forefront of helping people to help their precious pets. We have much evidence to indicate typical results seen, including several VIDEOS like those offered below.  Such video evidence can help you visualize how your own precious dog might begin a recovery journey with the help of NZYMES® super-nutrition antioxidant support. This page is simply a forum to present the video recovery history of little Bella.  To review the owners own written story and see a special version of the Recovery video, you can find BELLA’S FULL STORY on Brenda’s own website.

Below is an inserted video of the original Story of little Bella posted on the YouTube page of Little Bella, had suffered dog paralysis Ms. Brenda Johnson of Manitoba, MB (Canada). In this video, you can see how seriously disabled little Bella was. Then, in less than 2 weeks of using NZYMES® (nutritional support), she was starting to regain use of legs again. This video effectively illustrates restoration powers a dog’s body can often muster with NZYMES® super-nutrition support, under conditions of such severe adversity. The video ends with Bella, about 2 months later, running and playing as if nothing had ever happened. Don’t you imagine such a happy ending for your dog?

As an example of how the body can continue to improve and strengthen, we urge you to see her 2nd Video – Bella at 8.5 months – which Brenda Johnson put up herself, and shows the ability and exuberance of the little dog after those months.


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