lilly in diapers from paralysis

For Lilly, Dog Paralysis Recovery is the Story

Jan. 16, 2007

Lilly is the mixed-breed dog in the Video presented below; her story – of dog paralysis recovery – is fairly impressive, especially considering that her ‘pet parent’ Shannon started filming before using any product! Lilly was immobile (hind leg paralysis) for a week, during which time her owner, Shannon Hersey, found NZYMES online and decided it was worth a try.

Upon arrival of products, she began recording the video before opening the shipment from NZYMES. This was obviously a remarkable act of faith; she was not disappointed. Please keep in mind that dogs know nothing about a “placebo effect”; they either feel better and become more capable, or they don’t. In Lilly’s case, she began to respond very quickly. This is not always the case with a vast variety of possible causes for paralysis in dogs. But, we find that an overwhelming majority of affected pets do respond positively within days or at least a few weeks of getting started on our super-nutritional support (examples below).

Dog Paralysis Recovery is Possible with the Right Support

For problems like DDD, or paralysis in general, we recommend either our Antioxidant Treats OR our Sprouted Granules. Due to Lilly’s size, the Granules were a better value and were chosen. As the days progressed, you can see how her body was utilizing the “live-food” nutrition found in these supplements. It is a testament to the body’s own natural ability to heal, repair, and manage these issues when provided with the right kinds of resources. In the case of NZYMES, these products help to harness the body’s own Antioxidant Enzyme potential.  Enzymes like Super-Oxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase and others are front-line soldiers in these natural processes. They are produced by the body itself, but their production hinges in a large part on the diet. That is why introducing the Treats or Granules to the diet can have such a profound effect. What the body does with this nutritional support is what you are about to witness with the video.  You can also LISTEN to Shannon Hersey in her own words.

Products Used to Help Lilly with Recovery Challenges