This Boxer with Auto-Immune and Musculoskeletal Health Issues

Nzymes Has Been the Right Choice for my Boy, Marlon!

We’ve been through a lot in our short six years together. Initially, Marlon had digestive health issues. Have you ever burped a puppy after eating? I have! If I didn’t, he would barf. Even though I burped him, he still up-chucked regularly. Marlon’s symptoms were sometimes severe, and the vet staff knew him because he was often there! The vet told me this pup’s digestive and immune health were seriously flawed. And, I would spend a lifetime dealing with it.

So Many Issues, the Problem was, How to Fix Him!

In the beginning, it was the puking, then fits and spells, then seasonal allergies. Then, one night in the backyard, he got bit or stung by something, and his face swelled and his eyes swelled shut. Another time, at two years old, he had an anaphylactic shock reaction. Thankfully, the vets/staff were able to help him through those issues.

Fast forward through the years, and we had seen at least 10-15 different vets locally and spoken by phone with at least five more across the country. Most tests were inconclusive, but as he also tested positive for poor thyroid health

When Marlon was Two, We Chose a Holistic Feeding Plan

We changed foods regularly and tried different supplements. Raw food and a few supplements seemed to make him at least more stable.

At five years old, Marlon’s rear joint health began to atrophy and spinal health became new issues for him. Sometimes he would fall over as he walked, and he could barely climb stairs without severe discomfort. I was devastated to see my dog with such poor mobility.

Our doctor told us that Marlon’s Spinal health difficulties would take an estimated $15k in surgery, with a year of recovery, with no guarantee. Based on his history, I truly felt Marlon couldn’t make it through that.

Therefore we tried more supplements, chiropractic help, acupuncture, and knee and hip braces, but nothing worked.

Somewhere in all those tears, I asked God for help!

I cried and cried and cried, knowing I was finally going to have to give up on my boy! He was getting sad and losing his spirit. I was having a more challenging time helping him up the stairs and lifting him in and out of the car. Somewhere in all those tears, I finally asked God for help. Marlon was only five years old.

Suddenly, the next day, while searching online, I found Nzymes. I asked a chat question, and they called and talked with me and suggested giving Nzymes a try. Am I ever glad I did?

I Call this Chapter of My Life “to Save the White Boxer.”

I’ve been trying to save him for his entire six years. He’s such a goofy, lovable, oversized lap dog. I wasn’t giving up on him until he gave up, and even then, I tried one more thing, Nzymes!

Nzymes is one of the most affordable supplements I’ve ever tried. For sure, it’s by far the most effective! He’s off of all other supplements now! I still have backups for emergencies, but so far, I haven’t needed them!

Thank God for answering my plea and Nzymes for making the great products that saved my boxer boy! I wish I had found Nzymes sooner!

L. Swanson – Champlin, MN

Products Used by Marlon

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