Harry Re-Grows a Toenail Removed 12 Years Earlier

This is Harry’s Second Recovery Since Starting Nzymes in 2018

Yes, Pet-Parents Todd and Heather found Nzymes® in mid-2018 when Harry become paralyzed.  The purchase of Antioxidant Treats was certainly up to the task, as Harry began recovering right away, and was actually walking (a little shaky) within 13 days.

Now, to start off 2021, Todd has written Nzymes® about yet another recovery Harry has been able to make over the last 1.5 years. As you’ll learn from Todd below, Harry’s body has been able to replace/re-grow a Toenail surgically removed 12 YEARS earlier. This happy event really highlights something we tell Nzymes® customers on a regular basis – “The Nzymes® can provide serious nutritional support for improving whatever RECOVERY capabilities any individual body can muster!”

You can see Harry’s initial Recovery Story and 2 Videos HERE.  But first, see Todd’s remarks and Photos on this story below…

More of Harry Mohr

Hi Terry!

Happy new year!   I hope you are safe and well.

I’m sure you remember Harry, the 16 year old Dachshund for whom we sent you two videos in the past.  Nzymes® helped him recover from paralysis.

We’ve continued to use Nzymes® (Treats & Granules) as a part of his regular diet and something rather spectacular has happened.

Below (with bandage) is Harry on August 14, 2008.  He had an accident in our backyard chasing a ball, broke his nail down to the knuckle, and it had to be removed surgically.  He’s had no nail on (that) one toe since 2008.

I’ve noticed over the past few months that he is actually regenerating a toe nail where one has been missing for 12 years!  If I can’t attribute that to Nzymes®, then it’s a miraculous coincidence for a 16.5 year old dog to start re-growing nails.  It’s spooky!

Thank you for your excellent product.

Todd Mohr
Jan, 2021

PS:  Harry’s fur started turning white before his first birthday.  He’s a pure-bred Dachshund, but must have some recessive dapple in him.  Over the years, the white color spread from his nose and feet to everywhere.  It’s the same dog, different hair.

In 2008, Harry Damaged Toenail, which required Surgical Removal

Dachshund Harry loses toenail

Red Circle indicates the location of the Toenail that was removed

Here ia a close-up of the Toenail that has
Re-grown 12 years later

Dachshund pround shows toenail grown back after missing for 12 years

Products Used with Harry Since Mid-2018