2-Lb Granules & Bac-Pak Plus 400g


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This simple convenience Bundle features the largest versions of our Sprouted Granules and our Bac-Pak Plus, making it an ideal value for horses or larger or multiple pets. The Granules provide the raw, live food nutrition necessary for the body’s own production of powerful antioxidant enzymes. Bac-Pak Plus provides a combination of specific digestive enzymes and probiotics. It is microencapsulated to ensure greater delivery of beneficial micro-organisms to the GI tract.

Sprouted Granules 2-Lbs

Two pounds, or 220 Level tsp. of Product. The most important nutritional supplement you can provide your pet! As a raw, uncooked and enzyme-rich daily nutrition boost, there is nothing better you can do to Maximize the health of your pet. Provides the resources to help the body improve metabolic activity that provides a variety of antioxidant benefits


Bac-Pak Plus 400 grams

Value priced, this double-size bottle of the product saves additional money for the consumer compared to the 200-gram size bottle. Recommended for multi-pet households, very large dogs and horses. This jar would last a 200 lb. dog somewhere around 400 days when used as recommended. See full description for more details.

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GOT ENzymes?

Nzymes® (en-zimes)…Our name says it all, and this simple bundle is all about enzymes! This Nzymes® Bundle features a 2-Lb pouch of our Sprouted Granules – Dietary enzymes; and a 400 gr economy size of our Bac-Pak Plus – Digestive enzyme & probiotic combo.


When most people hear the word, “enzymes“, they begin to think about the areas of digestion. Well, that certainly isn’t inaccurate, but that’s not where the story ends. Enzymes are involved in just about every aspect of life. Here at Nzymes.com, Bac-Pak Plus for Petswe focus on 2 key areas; Digestive enzymes and Dietary enzymes.

Our Bac-Pak Plus is a combination of Digestive enzymes and Probiotics. Their purpose is to break down specific nutrients for absorption and to safeguard the GI tract environment by supplying billions of beneficial bacteria. A healthy gut is the bedrock of a healthy animal, and Bac-Pak Plus is formulated to maximize nutrient delivery for animals of all shapes and sizes.

soy-snippitNzymes® Sprouted Granules provide a rich source of “live food” or Dietary enzymes. Once consumed, these enzymes help facilitate the natural production of antioxidant enzymes throughout the body. This class of enzyme works at the cellular level to help rid the build-up of toxins, greatly enhancing cellular performance. Cells are the building blocks of the body. When they are healthy and less encumbered, better health naturally follows. It is astonishing to see how well a body can do on its own when provided with the proper resources.

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Sprouted Granules 2-Lbs

Weight 2.2 lbs

Bac-Pak Plus 400 grams

Weight 1.1 lbs

200 gm, 400 gm