Pro-B Probiotic - Digestive Enzyme Blend
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Pro-B Digestive Microbials


Pro-B Digestive Enzymes ~ Probiotics

Buy 2, Save $5 — Buy 3, Save $16.50 ~ When you are choosing a Digestive supplement to protect or enhance your personal health, or that of a loved-one, we feel you cannot do better than the special Micro-encapsulated formula offered by NZYMES®. This type of supplement is one of the most important items you can add to your daily dietary intake – providing exceptional benefits for health in key ways: protecting and boosting overall immune capability, and aiding digestion for better nutrient absorption and taking some load off the pancreas.

Product Description

Direct-Fed Digestive Microbial Supplement (Probiotic) & Digestive Enzymes for People of All Ages


NZYMES® Pro-B is a blend of live, viable, and naturally occurring micro-organisms (friendly bacteria) and digestive enzymes for people of all ages. The product offered in small, easy to take 435 mg. capsules for ease of use, and is especially convenient – in that NO refrigeration is required.

As a first facet of health benefit, this product, while aiding and supporting proper digestion, can also help to provide thorough assimilation of nutrients during digestion – resulting in increased nutritional benefit from foods ingested. As the second, and equally important facet of health benefits, this product can help to restore and maintain a healthy proliferation of “beneficial bacteria” colonies necessary for strong and proficient immune function and keeping candida yeast elements of human Flora under control.

The special and proprietary Micro-Encapsulation process used in processing provides protection against the breakdown from heat and stomach acid and insures that 95% of the viable bacteria reach the GI tract where needed.

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