NZYMES BacPak Plus Probiotic Blend
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Bac-Pak Plus 200 grams


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A special blend of ‘live’, naturally occurring “friendly bacteria” cultures and pancreatic (digestive) enzymes. Micro-encapsulation helps to ensure maximum delivery of viable bacteria to the GI tract, where needed. Promotes proper digestion and improved assimilation of nutrients.  Protects & maintains intestinal flora balance.

Product Description

NZYMES Bac-Pak Plus is a powerful blend of Micro-Encapsulated live and viable, naturally-occurring microorganisms (friendly bacteria cultures) combined with digestive enzymes. The Micro-Encapsulation process provides key protection against heat as well as stomach acid to ensure that the majority of the viable microorganisms (bacteria) reach the GI tract – where the benefit is needed. This blend promotes proper digestion along with improved assimilation of nutrients. Bac-Pak Plus, created for nutritional supplemental use with animals of all ages, was designed to help optimize and maintain proper health of a pet’s digestive tract as well as immune system (since the two are tightly integrated) For pennies a day, your pet can benefit from the added support of this highly concentrated blend of digestive enzymes and direct-fed microbials.
The product is very fine in consistency (powdery appearance), and is added to the diet using the provided 1-Gram scoop. With Bac-Pak Plus, a little bit TRULY goes a long way; a 100 lb dog only needs 1/2 gram per day. Recommended daily usage, by weight, is found on the Usage Instruction tab, as well as the bottle label. Also available in a 400 gram size.

Additional Information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 5 in