Nzymes Support Program for Seizures in Dogs

Support for Dog Seizures or Epilepsy


Purpose of the Support Program for Seizures in Dogs

This Nzymes Support Program for Seizures in Dogs is designed to help you get off to a good start for your pet who is struggling with this issue. This page is to provide guidance for using your Nzymes products; to make recommendations on better food/snack choices; and to help you find natural alternatives for parasite control.

Nzymes has a Long History in Helping with Seizures in Dogs

The issue of seizures in dogs is something that is near and dear to our hearts personally here at Nzymes. One of our founders had an American Eskimo with terrible seizures and discovered that the simple nutritional formula in the Antioxidant Treats made a profound difference in her activity. It was during those days that was born. Since then, we have worked with many thousands of cases to help folks achieve a happy result.

The Goal

Our Goal is to help you achieve the success you are looking for. Much of that will have to do with the products. Some of that will have to do with the other recommendations we are making. And some of that will come down to the individual animal. Although we have a very high success rate, nothing is a 100% certainty.

Seizure Causes

Seizures in dogs can come from a variety of causes. Most are considered idiopathic, in other words, they just happen. Some however spawn from a genetic factor, a birth defect, or a tumor. Still others may occur due to trauma – an accident or injury. Even for these very difficult cases, this program stands a reasonable chance to make a genuine difference in seizure activity levels.

Toxins & Seizures

We feel the largest contributors to seizures in dogs is due to Toxic Build-up. The FOCUS of this program is to take every possible step to reduce the toxic load on the pet. “Idiopathic Epilepsy” may be the label, the there is always a REASON for the seizures to occur with the dog. This avenue is not often explored by vets, as they are more apt to prescribe an anti-convulsant.

Getting Started with Nzymes

The key to understanding the Nzymes products is simple. They are providing rich elements to the diet that your pet cannot get from his food alone. The Live-Food Nutrition in our Antioxidant products enable your pet to manufacture a whole series of enzymes. It is those enzymes that flush toxins from the cells. The Trace minerals/Amino acids are involved in cellular replication and regeneration. They also supply bio-electric energy for the body’s electrical system. Combined, they provide dynamic support for neurological issues like seizures.


1. How to Use Your Nzymes Products for Best Results

Whether you are using the Seizure Support Kit for Dogs, the Antioxidant Treats for Pets or the Sprouted Granules to address the problem, consistency is a key to success. Be sure to give the products to your pet every day as directed. Recommended usages are provided on the packaging. In the case of the Treats or the Granules, we generally recommend doubling the product usage for the first two weeks. This is to get the product going in your dog more quickly.

Note: If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then you may need to introduce the products more slowly to avoid vomiting or diarrhea. In time, you can slowly increase to normal daily amounts.


Dog Seizure Support Kit

Seizure Support Kit for Dogs

The purpose of the special kit is to provide the ultimate in nutritional support for neurological issues like seizures. It combines 2 bottles of our Antioxidant Treats and a bottle or our Tracite Minerals.

In addition to missing the live enzymes from the foods, most dogs are also faced with mineral deficiency. Even the best pet foods cannot supply the valence of mineral content found in the Tracite. Common medications, like Phenobarbital, Potassium Bromide and Gabapentin strip vitamin and mineral content even further. These are vital building blocks your pet’s body needs for daily demands.

The Tracite Minerals are given twice daily, and can be added to your pet’s food or given via the Oral Syringe. To use the syringe, add 3-5 cc’s of water to the tube, add the proper amount of drops (per label) and release along the teeth line.

The Treats can be given by hand or crushed and added to the food twice daily.


Antioxidant Treats for Pets

The Antioxidant Treats are our most popular item, and have been used for a wide variety of pet health issues. This is due to the simple fact that antioxidant enzymes are at the forefront of cellular function, and so touch on many aspects of health.

The Treats start with our Super-Food protein as the primary ingredient. We add to this Rice Bran, which carries a natural source of B Vitamins. The treats are enhanced with antioxidant Vitamins A, C, & E, and the important mineral, Selenium. Lastly, defatted Beef Liver is added both for flavor, and for a rich protein source, which is instrumental in tissue repair.

These tasty treats are easy to give, and are ideal for a pet who may be down, and not eating regularly. Follow the weight chart on the side of your bottle to determine the regular daily usage. For most cases, we recommend doubling the daily intake for the first 2 weeks.

Nzymes Antioxidant Treats for Pets


Nzymes Sprouted Granules 1 & 2 lbs

The Sprouted Granules are the primary ingredient in all of our Antioxidant products and are made available in a raw, bulk form. It is the Granules that provide the Super-Food nutrition to the products. This raw form make them ideal for pets of all shapes and sizes. The Granules are also the economical choice for multi-pet families.

Even though they may seem plain, they are packed with powerful nutritional properties, and are very supportive of pets with seizures. The Granules are added to the food daily via teaspoon. Simply follow the weight chart on the side of the package to determine the proper usage for your pet. We recommend doubling the normal, daily usage for the first two weeks.

The Sprouted Granules are available in both 1 and 2 lb sizes.

Footnote: Both the Antioxidant Treats and the Sprouted Granules are whole-food items, and may be safely doubled for as long as necessary. Dogs who are older, or more compromised often require the extra support.


2. Avoiding Problem Foods and Snacks

Of all the culprits lurking in the shadows out there, when it comes to seizures in dogs, Suspect #1 is none other than main-line pet foods and snacks. Yet has your vet ever asked you what you are feeding your dog, or suggested there could be a problem with the food? Most likely not. 

These foods are commonly treated with preservatives, additives, artificial colors & artificial flavors. They contain by-products, high-starch carbohydrates and low quality vitamins and minerals. Feed stock are fed with antibiotics, growth hormones, and are hatched and raised in cages. Salmon are often farm-raised in ponds amidst their own filth. Are you beginning to see the picture?

Wheat flour and wheat gluten are often found in their ingredients, and are HUGE no-no’s for seizure pets. Do you really suppose they care if the source ingredients they use are Non-GMO or Glyphosate free?

Ask yourself, “What is the #1 thing going into my dog every single day?” What you are feeding to your dog are the materials with which he must replenish his body day by day. There is NO substitute for quality ingredients. This goes for pet foods, snacks, chew-bones, and dental sticks.

Feeding a Quality food is imperative. We have a page on our site called Foods Recommended by Nzymes. We have no relationship with any of these Food companies. If they meet our criteria, we will list them. Here’s what we are looking for in a Quality Pet Food:

  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Meat Based
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Sequestered or Chelated Vitamins and Minerals
  • Utilizes Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes
  • Avoids High-Glycemic Carbohydrates (low-sugar)

On our Foods page, we list kibble, canned, freeze-dried and raw. We also list snacks that are OK to use. At the bottom of the page, we list foods that are OK to give and foods to avoid (from the table)

Good health doesn’t come by accident, and it CANNOT come with poor food. “You are what you eat” is still true.



3. Natural Remedies for Fleas, Ticks & Worms

Bug_Off Garlic

The next most critical thing to get under control is Parasite Prevention. The transdermal liquid you drop between your dog’s shoulder blades, or the monthly pill you poke down his neck, are actually low-dose poisons. They don’t “repel” fleas. The fleas die when they feast on the poisoned blood of your dog. The same goes for ticks. How would that prevent a tick-bourn illness, like Lyme? The tick must still bite your dog to get his lethal dose.

For dogs with seizures, the last thing they need is another poison to deal with. These items are neurotoxins, and seizures are noted as possible side effects. Why would you continue to use them?

There are natural alternatives. One popular choice is “Bug-Off Garlic” from Springtime. Please check the link here for more information and on some personal experiences with the product.

For worms and other parasites, our Tincture of Blackleaf can be very useful. The Black Walnut in the tincture is a natural anti-parasitic. They can be used for Hook worms, Tape worms, Round worms, Whip worms…and even Ringworm (which is a fungus). The product is completely natural and safe for these purposes.

Nzymes Tincture of BlackLeaf for Pets

In Conclusion, These Steps are Removing Stressors from Your Dog with Seizures

Following the steps outlined above can go a long way towards unloading the weights bearing down on your pet’s system, and pushing back on the threshold of seizure events. Each step listed here is important. The Nzymes products can help with a great deal of it, but the other steps also lighten the load.

Used together, these 3 steps have helped 1000’s of pets to go seizure-free, or to experience less frequent episodes. As stated earlier, nothing is 100% certain regarding outcomes, but you have 100% of our support. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. ; 877-816-6500

NOTE: Using This Program While Under Medications or Other Natural Remedies

If Your Dog is Currently Taking Medications

The Nzymes products are 100% natural and whole-food based. As such, they do not conflict with medications. Many of our customers start out with us at this point. We DO NOT recommend discontinuing the medications. Any changes should be made under the direction of the prescribing Vet. Since the Nzymes will naturally detoxify the body, it is a good idea to start more slowly, at 1/2 recommended usage, and then gradually increase to the normal recommendations for use.

In time, if your dog is going weeks or months seizure free, we suggest consulting with your vet about the possibility of decreasing the medications. The goal would be to eventually stop them altogether, if possible. It is always best to work with your vet so that he/she is aware of your pet’s progress and vitals.

If Your Dog is Already Using Natural Remedies

There are a good many natural products out there these days that can be quite supportive of seizure conditions in pets. These would include CBD oil, Omega-3, Mushrooms, Turmeric and others. We are often asked if the Nzymes can be used along with these other natural products. The answer is Yes. Just like with medications, the Nzymes are all-natural, and will not conflict with these other natural aids.


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