Yeast Overgrowth in Dogs

And Answers to the Gut-Fungus Overgrowth Nightmare

With 22+ years experience with Yeast in dogs, we understand your distress over having to deal with a dog troubled by Yeasty skin/itching troubles, whether mild or nasty (Video examples below). Before we get into our specially developed Healthy-Skin Program, recent developments in the realm of ‘heavy competition’ call for a Warning (below). On a separate note, since Food is a big factor with Yeast infection, see Best Foods for Yeast in Dogs to acquire a suitable low-sugar, best-quality food.

While we can expect your local professional to distract you from an real solution for yeast infections with the newest quick-fix immune suppressant Med’s, we now see “immune suppression” vendors competing for your attention on Google, hoping to sway you toward the latest ‘new-age’ meds. We certainly understand that folks would LIKE to find a quick-fix for pesky yeast challenges, but you must come to understand – that the entire issue is primarily an imbalance of the GUT, which cannot be fixed in any ‘quick manner’, and certainly not by a prescription item that does nothing but shut down immune function for short periods, followed by the same repeating skin, ear and itching issues!

Our Warning: Since everyone is dreaming or praying for that quick-fix, it is quite easy to get convinced to give it a TRY. So, should you decide to “go that way First”, please keep in mind that we will be here – waiting to help you – after you have witnessed the broken promise of the ‘immune suppressing quick-fix’, where symptoms come racing back, time after time. You see, during those periods of suppressing immune function, the underlying issue (yeast overgrowth) is continuing to expand/worsen.


It’s important to know that Candida Yeast does NOT just appear on the body from outside sources. Candida is a part of the Natural Gut Flora but can be can aggressively Overgrow with destruction of decline of bacterial colonies decline. As the intro Video has shown, the blood stream allows the yeast cells access to ANY part of the Body.  Visible symptoms of the yeast overgrowth are most often seen first at feet, ears or BOTH.  But over time, the entire Body can be ravaged – as illustrated in the intro Video. Although you must deal with the skin/surface symptoms, it is the GUT that must be FIXED, via restoration to proper balance, where friendly Bacteria is once again Master of the Gut. This is the process that, unfortunately, takes so much time. It will likely be imperative to change dog food, as Sugar is what yeast Candida feeds on, and is therefore your worst enemy.

Cause, Effect, and What to Expect…

Friendly Bacteria, in massive colonies, are normally the controlling factor – in a healthy dog or person. What starts the entire gut imbalance is decline or destruction of those colonies, leaving an opening for Yeast to overgrow.  Dogs with underperforming immune systems are especially susceptible. Bacteria decline/destruction is usually tied to:  Rabies vaccine reaction, antibiotics use, frequent STRESS, or use of steroids for unrelated issues. The NZYMES Healthy-Skin Program (formerly Yeast Cleansing Program) has been perfected over 20+ Years. The Program acts aid in fueling/promoting restoration of proper balance to the digestive tract, day by day, slowly affecting restoration of Friendly bacteria as ‘master of the environment’. NZYMES Phone Support is often a KEY to your success! Please keep that in mind!  You should expect 3-7 months for a dog to get through the worst of it, and another 6+ months to complete Gut-rebalancing.  You will likely see ups and downs during the repair process.  Finally, we have another short Video showing how yeast Candida can Ravage the entire body using the blood stream.  See this Special VIDEO using password = show-me

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Got Questions? FAQ Answers Found Here:

Yeast (candida albicans), just as in humans, is a strain of Fungi that is “co-inhabitant” of the digestive tract (gut) along with ‘Friendly bacteria’ and other elements. The yeast becomes a major problem when the Bacteria (normally in command) is eliminated by destructive factors such as Antibiotics, Vaccination reactions, stress, chlorine, etc. Once the yeast has taken control, it can ravage the entire body, with most obvious issues at skin and ears.

Yeast (candida) is a normal part of the digestive Flora and, in a healthy dog or person, is kept ‘under control’ by a strong proliferation of the beneficial bacteria. Your dog will have a “yeast problem” when the necessary bacteria is destroyed by outside factors, most frequently vaccination reactions. That same bacteria, when present in healthy amounts, also accounts for as much as 70% of immune function; therefore, its destruction can decimate much of immune system capabilities.

The yeast troubling your dog – ears, feet, skin, etc – did not COME from some outside source. It was always there, in the gut, just waiting for a chance to proliferate and take control. The yeast gets that chance when the bacterial elements that ‘should’ be in control are destroyed. It is also a strong possibility that a diet too rich in sugar – from high-glycemic carbs – may be enough to ‘feed’ the yeast into the position of “master of the gut”.

Yeast feeds on SUGAR, so food is a huge part of the yeast problem; high-glycemic carbohydrates convert to sugar too fast, giving the yeast a feeding frenzy. Feeding such a food is then feeding the problem you need to correct. You must use an appropriate Premium dog food – Low overall Glycemic index – to succeed on the Nzymes Program.  SEE Nzymes Recommended Foods

NO! Do not worry about yeast ingredients in foods or treats. There are over 50,000 forms of yeast/fungus on our planet; none of them feed on other forms of yeast!  Do not worry about yeast used for cooking; these will not affect what is going on in the Gut. Yeast candida, a normal inhabitant of the gut, can be considered a pathogen when allowed to expand its territory. But, again, since it feeds on Sugar, that is the main worry.  The foods needed must use low-glycemic CARBS – to lower the input rate of sugar into the body. See Recommended Foods.

Per previous answers, once candida has taken control in the gut (Red photo) and spreading throughout, it will affect surface areas of the body. Ears or paws (or BOTH) are likely the first areas of symptoms; ears can get nasty and smelly very quickly. The skin, including ears, is the largest organ of the body, and will always be involved when the body is clearing poisons, toxins, and foreign elements like yeast fungi.

As the yeast overgrowth continues and proliferates throughout the body, additional areas of skin will also be affected. The yeast, poisons, and toxins in the skin cause a standard immune response, inflammation. This causes the itching, which results in never-ending scratching. Think “mosquito bite”. Skin or ears will likely show ‘reddish’ inflammation, and blackening can be an advanced result.

Starting points: Licking at itchy feet, chewing at lower legs or feet, some scratching, shaking of head or itching/rubbing at ears. With progression: See red/inflamed skin areas, more itchy areas, licking itchy anal glands, offensive odor, skin areas beginning to turn black, which can lead to Elephant skin. See the symptom checker LINK to the right to do a full assessment of possible symptoms.

The Yeast causing all this mess does NOT “get into the dog”; it’s already there, in the gut, but spreads like wildfire once enough bacteria is eliminated to allow the yeast to become the aggressor and dominate the gut environment.

No! Steroids only have the effect of suppressing immune function. So, they will lower inflammation and reduce itching somewhat until they wear off, then your troubles come right back – with a vengeance. This treatment option will actually allow the problem to worsen over months/years.

Not really. They also provide some additional suppression of immune function, and they may help with skin-level secondary bacterial infection, but that’s about it. Wherever fungi (yeast) is coming out of the body, this attracts bacteria – which wants to consume the fungus.

Through a nutritionally-focused PROGRAM that STOPS feeding the problem, and begins reversing it. Acquiring and using a FOOD that will help, and then an Nzymes Healthy-Skin Kit, you can begin the process to reverse what happened. Our Program begins helping to restore and build the immune function that was decimated upon loss of the bacteria. Then it provides assistance for the lengthy job of destroying the troublesome Yeast, while simultaneously helping to rebuild the friendly bacteria colonies that must once again become master of the gut environment. This is how health is restored.

We advise people starting on our PROGRAM to expect 3-7 months to get the dog clear of most of the troublesome symptoms. But, the pet-parent should expect another 6 or more months to FINISH the cleansing/repair process. Beyond that, a basic Maintenance Program is recommended – to protect that delicate balance in the gut that is so easy to once again destroy – in dogs that have already suffered with the yeast overgrowth issue.

YES! Nzymes® provides a full 120-day Money-back Guarantee that you will get desired results! We have been known to extend that warranty in rare situations where a dog is having a troublesome CLEANSE due to other complications. Thyroid imbalance is the usual issue when a small percentage of dogs cannot get the progress that most do. You should keep in mind that you’re NOT just buying some products with a promise! Nzymes is dedicated to helping resolve these very challenging issues; and, with endless phone support, we will provide guidance and support as needed to ensure you achieve success!

TWO WAYS to achieve this: you can email your question by using the CONTACT US link under Customer Service at bottom of this page. OR, you can CALL and begin learning about all that friendly support Nzymes offers. 877-816-6500 – hours of operation = M-F, 9am Eastern to 6pm Pacific time.

The SMALL Healthy-Skin kit is recommended for smaller dogs where the pet-parent likes the idea of providing the TREATS to the dog daily, as part of his get-well Program. Some pet-parents without budget worries will also use this kit for dogs over 60 lbs for also the preference of providing TREATS to the dog daily. For dogs under 60lbs, expect the Treats to last about 2-months (because of the ‘doubling period’. Expect the Liquids to last 3-4 months, and expect the Bac-Pak probiotic to last about 2 years.

The LARGE Healthy-Skin kit, with the 2lb Jar of Granules, is considerably more economical, and therefore normally recommended for Larger dogs (60+lbs), or for any pet-parent carefully watching the budget. The Granules will last a 60+lb dog about 6 months. The Liquids should last 2 months or more, and the Bac-Pak Plus should last well over a year.

A> The Program requires considerable effort, though it’s the only way to achieve desired results. Some folks are just not up to that effort. B> Some people get their kit, then run to their vet to ask, “should I use this”? What do you think most vets will say? Vets are business people first, doctors second. C> Some people try to ‘wing it on their own’, not doing the process correctly & never heeding the advice to call for guidance/support – thereby assuming the ‘Program failed’, and giving up. As is the case with everything in life, there is no such thing as 100% success at anything.