Nzymes Treats and Sprouted Granules

Nzymes Superfood Protein Products for Pets

What they are, and what they do

Every day, we receive questions about the Nzymes products via e-mail, on chat, over the phone and even on social media. Of all the questions we receive, the most common one is: “What is the difference between the Treats and the Granules?”. The answer is fairly simple, but we felt it was time to create a post that could give the explanation in simple terms that could be shared easily on any of these platforms.

Powerful Nutrition in Simple Form

Whether you choose to use the Nzymes Treats or the Sprouted Granules – or a combination of the two…You are providing your pet with a powerful, nutritional “live-food” source. This form of nutrition enables your pet’s body to produce a whole series of metabolic enzymes. Your pet’s body already has the capacity to produce these enzymes as a part of its natural mechanisms, but it is the “Live-food” that when consumed, acts as a key to unlock this potential.

It all starts with the Granules

It is the Sprouted Granules that carry the Super-Food Protein (live-food) that is essential for the production of enzymes. The Granules are 100% Human-grade, non-GMO, and can be used by animals of all shapes and sizes. The Granules are sold in a raw, bulk form in 1lb and 2lb packaging. They are generally sprinkled onto the pet’s food or added to feed bags. In this form, they have a fairly bland flavor so they make a good option for cats and exotics.

Because they are sold in this bulk form, they are generally a more cost-effective choice for larger pets or multi-pet households.

Nzymes Superfood Nutrition Granules

Nzymes Treats are Enhanced with Vitamins, Minerals and Protein

To put it simply, the Treats are a “beefed-up” version of the Granules. The Granules serve as the MAIN ingredient in the Treats, but they also contain other key ingredients to support the Antioxidant activity brought about by the Granules. This includes Vitamins A, C & E; Stabilized Rice Bran which carries B vitamins; Selenium – a very important trace mineral; Defatted Beef Liver which provides both flavor and an excellent source of protein.

The Nzymes Treats come in 2 convenient sizes; our standard Antioxidant Treats or our new Tiny Treats. The Tiny Treats were made specially for smaller pets (10 lbs or less), and are 1/2 the size of our standard Treats. These Treats can be served at mealtime, or be given in between. The Treats make an easy, fun way to be sure your pet is getting his enzymes every day!

On a more serious note, there have been many times that we have been contacted by concerned pet-parents whose dog was not doing well, and was not eating meals normally. In these cases, the Treats became the logical choice to help get the needed nutrients into the pet and to help get them on their feet again. One such genuine example of this is Rosie. After her surgery to remove part of her intestine, the ONLY thing she would eat were the Treats. We witnessed her turn-around in person.

Rosie: October, 2000.

Rosie After Digestive Surgery

Rosie: March, 2003

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Either Choice is a Good One

To summarize, whether you choose the Nzymes Treats, OR the Sprouted Granules, you are providing your pet with a unique, Super-Food formula that promote the production of essential enzymes. To our knowledge, there is nothing else quite like this on the market today. The beauty is in it’s simplicity – a pure food supplement, easily utilized by the body, that bring about changes the way nature intended, from the inside out. No masking…no “placebo-effect”, simply better functioning due to a healthier pet. Thanks for reading this today. Let us know if we can be of help.


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