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Great Dane Karma, Overcomes Bone Growth Disorder


My husband and I bought a Great Dane puppy. When Karma was approximately 10 weeks old, her front legs started bowing. We contacted Linda Arndt – The Great Dane Lady – and she recommended we put our puppy on your product (Antioxidant Treats) along with some additional supplements.

As you can see by the attached pictures, the results are dramatic. Our Great Dane, Karma, is now 5 1/2 months old and is doing great! We saw results after just a few weeks.


Shari Gajdosik

Dane w/Knuckling overGreat Dane, knuckling-over resolved

Notes – on Product Recommendation, and Condition Overview


MORE INFORMATION: Since we have no official article on knuckling over in dogs, a brief overview on causative factors may be helpful. This is another bone-growth ‘irregularity’ issue; wherein, nutritional imbalances or deficiencies are heavily involved. Therefore, getting the right help to correct the diet, along with special nutrition (products shown), which can be of serious significance as resources the body can use to balance things out, and hopefully finish the puppy months with at least “more regular” bone growth patterns.  ALSO, while nutritional considerations are a major factor, related to desired corrections for such issues, there is much information about NOT raising your puppy with the challenge of hard, slippery floor surfaces to deal with. For the best understanding of these matters, please refer to Great Dane Lady on Knuckling Over.

Products Recommended for Support of Knuckling-Over Condition