Bentley Tumbled, Vet Suspected IVDD

Bentley has always been an incredibly happy and energetic pup. He ran so fast around the yard, he looked like a hovercraft! Until one day. He was diving down after a ball, took a horrific tumble, then laid on the ground, yelping. He looked up at me with his sweet loving eyes, very confused and in pain. He was 100% communicating to me that he wanted and needed my help. I rushed over to him and scooped him up.

He couldn’t walk – at all. I’d try to hold him up. His back legs were useless. He’d just flop over helplessly. I went into a panic. I immediately took him to the vet. Examination + X-rays; within 30 minutes the doctor told me he thought Bentley had IVDD. He said I should go to a pet hospital, which he had already called, to have an MRI, then SURGERY. SURGERY ON MY THREE-YEAR-OLD DOG’S SPINE…at a cost of $6,000 plus. Now, I love my dog so much, I would have come up with the money. I just would have. My bigger concern was how quickly the doctor wanted to put him under the knife, with (according to the vet) a 50/50 chance of it being successful. I asked about alternatives. He said I could leave him with the clinic, where Bentley would be put in a little crate for 6 weeks with pain medication (basically bed rest) (basically loads more money for the vet).

Well….my dog is snuggly. Insanely snuggly. He has never been crated. For some dogs, crating is fine. Not this one. He’s ridiculously well behaved. Unbelievably smart and clever. My dog is basically a little monkey. He had one accident as a puppy. I told him that was bad, he took it really personally, and never did it again. Never was a chewer. He has been my shadow since 8 weeks old. So, no. He has never been in s crate, so there was no chance I would leave him in a crate at the clinic. He’d be horrified and/or depressed the entire time.

I took the pain medication the doctor prescribed Bentley, and left. His bed rest would take place on my lap, on the couch, in the bed. He could walk anyways. I’d take him outside to relieve himself. He couldn’t stand on his own. I’d have to hold his back legs up for him. He didn’t seem to be in much pain, he just had absolutely no use of his back legs.


The research began. Holistic vets, other people’s experiences and advice, medications, this went on for weeks, then I happened to find Nzymes. I certainly was skeptical. It seemed too good to be true, but I was willing to try anything to avoid either of the vet’s suggestions. We started the Nzymes as soon as they came. About a week later, while I was holding him up at his food bowl, I could tell that he was somewhat supporting himself!!! I was so excited, I started to cry. I gently let go. He collapsed, fell right over. However, there was no doubt that there was a little strength that had returned to his legs.

Another week. As he was eating, I slowly withdrew my hands from supporting his hips. He was STANDING COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN! He looked at me, I looked at him. I swear we both started laughing and crying at the same time. He was wagging his tail off! I was wagging MY tail off!

Each week there was improvement. Unbelievable improvement. Within months, he could not only walk, he could RUN. Of course, I monitored this intensely, and wouldn’t let him overdo it. However, after a year, I just let him run around just like he used to. He’s just as fast, just as agile, just as happy.

Now some people may say (and I would have been one of those people) that his body was just healing, that he would have recovered Nzymes or not. I completely disagree. The Nzymes, I don’t know how they work, or why they work….but THEY WORK. I’m 100% convinced that Bentley would not be back to the healthy, wonderful dog that he was without this product. He will be on Enzymes for life. I even waited over a year to write this, just to see if the amazing results continued. They absolutely have, and I cannot thank the Nzymes people enough. I’m crying AGAIN. A lot of crying going on around here. LOL. You absolutely saved my dog’s life. Please, please, please- if you are reading this, and your dog is going through anything like what my dog went through-try this product. I can’t promise you anything, I don’t know-but try it. For us, it was a miracle.

Thank you.

Pamela Farthing
Arizona, USA

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Nzymes Product Used by Bentley

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