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Support for Stress and Health Challenges with Pregnant Mares

The ‘New Life’ cycle can present significant demands on your Mares. Such matters present a plethora of issues to be considered:

  • Pregnancy, and its particular challenges – keeping the mare healthy and strong for the healthiest possible delivery and resultant offspring – the Foals.
  • Giving birth – the delivery; stresses and demands here are considerable and are best tackled with best of health.
  • Exertion and endurance during delivery are matters of great concern and importance, increasing the importance of maximized overall health.
  • Mare recovery – both timing and effectiveness are important matters.
  • Proper growth particulars for the Foal is also to be carefully considered, especially bone and ligament growth.

Yes, bringing new life can present numerous challenges to both Mare and Foal. Though these are ‘every day’ issues, they are HorseMareFoalcertainly not to be taken lightly. This process can impose significant recovery and stress issues and even threaten the health of your horse. We believe that the NZYMES Antioxidant Granules can provide some serious nutritional benefit to the body – to aid both in these stressful and challenging matters.

There is one common thread in the NZYMES position about how our products, especially the Granules, can provide such significant help to animals undergoing recovery, regardless of the issue. As always, what we maintain is that the Body can often time perform some fairly wondrous things in the realm of recovery or repair – when it receives uncommon ‘resources’ that it needs and craves. Such a resource can be found in the form of the ‘living food’ that is available by adding the NZYMES Granules to the diet daily. Though there may be other ways to provide living food, this method is readily available, easy to distribute, and economical – even for large horses.

So, by simply adding a small amount of this ‘live food’ supplement to the diet of both Mare and Foal, significant health and strength benefits can be realized – promoting easier birthing, faster recovery, and healthy, balanced growth parameters for the Foal.

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