Super Healthy Skin Kit Small


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The NZYMES® Super Healthy Skin Kit Small is one of our Value-Priced Kits offered to help families dealing with multiple Dogs affected with Yeast Candida problems. “Small” refers to usage of Antioxidant Treats; in this case, taking advantage of the 6-bottle discount pricing (plus the addition of a 7th bottle-FREE). We often work with customers that have multiple pets dealing with tough Yeast problems. Our Super Healthy Skin Kit Small offers a more economical offering for their situation.

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8oz. Refiller Ox-E-Drops

The 8-oz. (Re-filler) bottle provides a quantity of Ox-E-Drops that is equivalent to 3.7 small bottles. Key item to deal with candida.


BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets × 3

For this Kit, 3 bottle pricing saves, and enough product is provided to last many months, even with many dogs.

$33.99 each

Bac-Pak Plus 400 grams

This oversize enzyme/probiotic supplement is economical, with enough product to last about a year for 4 medium dogs.


Antioxidant Treats Complimentary

This item is included as a Free Bonus - in association with special offers, and can only be provided with a qualified purchase. The Antioxidant Treats provide Powerful, Live-food nutrition, and the Extra Supply can help pets through times of need.


Ox-E Topical Spray Solution 4 oz.

Ox-E-Topical is a ready-to-go 2% topical solution of our Ox-E-Drops made with special Ionized water. Perfect for topical applications for skin, ears, eyes and more.


Antioxidant Treats 6-Pak

Because Every Pet Needs Enzymes!

Is your pet slowing down? Are sore hips/joints affecting mobility? Are aging and low energy taking their toll? Is there shedding and poor skin? Are there neurological troubles?
Low Enzyme Levels (LEL) can be at the root of all these issues.

Bundle Pricing, Built-in Savings!

This convenience bundle contains 6 bottles of our very popular Antioxidant Treats for Pets. Each bottle contains the standard 60 chewable Treats per bottle. 6-12 month supply for most pets.
Designed to be given as a tasty ‘TREAT’, this “live nutrition” supplement provides your pet with resources the body needs for optimum health, working at the cellular level. Doesn’t your pet deserve to feel better every day? Try the Antioxidant Treats today and see what a difference “live food” nutrition can make for your furry friend.

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1-Bottle – $24.99   2-pak Kit - $48   3-pak Kit – $69

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Nzymes Super Healthy Skin Kit Small

Healthy Skin Program Instruction LinkBest for use with Multiple smaller pets (under 60-lbs) affected with a digestive disorder known as Yeast infection, and the resulting Skin, itch, and odor problems.

The Super Healthy Skin Kit Small is one of our Value-Priced Kits offered specifically to help families with a more economical choice when dealing with multiple Dogs affected with the symptoms related to the Healthy Skin Program. The Small Kit comes with Antioxidant Treats instead of Granules. With multiple pets to help, and Treats preferred, this Super-Kit takes advantage of 6-bottle discount pricing. Again, we often work with customers that have 3, 4, or even 5 dogs stricken with tough skin problems, and they need a more economical offering for their situation.

Built-in Savings

These Kits take advantage of Nzymes “Quantity discount” pricing structure in order to provide a helpful price advantage for a Kit to the customer, while also providing enough of each product to last for a substantial amount of time when dealing with multiple affected pets. The Super Healthy Skin Kit Small contains the following products:


  • Qty. 6 of the Antioxidant Treats, 7th bottle FREE 
  • Qty. 1 of the Ox-E-Drops 8oz Refiller Bottle 
  • Qty. 1 of the Bac~Pak Plus 400-gram
  • Qty. 3 of the Black-Leaf Tincture 2.2 oz. 
  • Qty. 1 of the Ox-E-Topical Spray Solution

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Additional information

8oz. Refiller Ox-E-Drops

Weight .7 lbs

BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets

Weight .3 lbs

Bac-Pak Plus 400 grams

Weight 1.1 lbs

200 gm, 400 gm

Antioxidant Treats Complimentary

Weight .55 lbs

Ox-E Topical Spray Solution 4 oz.

Weight .35 lbs

Antioxidant Treats 6-Pak

Weight 3.3 lbs

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