Apollo’s Oral Growth History

Apollo After Clearing Oral Growths

Apollo’s Story

My six-month-old Rottweiler, Apollo, developed Oral growths around his mouth. They grew fast and spread throughout. I spoke to my vet and scheduled an appointment to remove them. However, his next appointment was a month from the date of the call. Because they were growing so fast and large, I could tell he was uncomfortable. In addition, they were still spreading throughout his mouth.

Trouble Eating

I was worried that Apollo would have problems eating with a certain amount of discomfort. It was not like he could speak to me about it, so I imagined what I would feel like with gumball size growths in my mouth, and I wasn’t too happy.

My Research Led Me to Nzymes

I researched a lot of products and information on the internet. I decided to take a chance with the Nzymes® products. As soon as I received the kit, I gave him the recommended Ox-E-Drops and sprayed the affected areas with the topical Ox-E Solution. I also began giving him Antioxidant Treat daily based on his size recommendations.


On the second day of following the program, I noticed that the oral growths were changing from gray to black. It was pretty disgusting. On the fourth day, I noticed one of the warts was no longer present and had come off. I examined his mouth and noticed that the spreading oral growths had changed from gray to black. On the 10th day, I looked in his mouth again and couldn’t believe what I saw, NOTHING! They were all gone! I was amazed.

Canceled the Scheduled Surgery

I called my vet and canceled the surgery, which would have been anywhere from $1100 to $1200. My vet was pleased to hear the recovery news, and I shared the product information about Nzymes®. He had never heard of it and planned to learn more about the nutritional program. I continue to give my dogs the Ox-E-DROPS in their drinking water and the Antioxidant Treats daily.


I’m incredibly pleased and surprised by how well this product supports my dogs’ well-being and health. I would recommend Nzymes products to any dog owner as a powerful nutritional support for their dogs’ overall health.

J. Roberts – Philadelphia, PA

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