Addie’s Oral Growth History

Day 1


Day 12

oral papilloma growths

Seeking Alternatives – Finding Nzymes

While researching other alternatives, I nearly took Addie to a Canine Dermatologist to see if we should surgically the growths, as some growths were beginning to bleed and gather pus.

That same day, I found Nzymes.COM and decided to try the Oral Growth Support Kit with the Antioxidant Treats gave that regimen a shot. Within 3 days, the products arrived. I carefully followed the instructions plan and saw a change in less than two weeks. Now, in 16 days, they (growths) are almost gone!

Day 1

oral papilloma growths

Day 18

Addie, right side 18 days
oral papilloma growths

Taking Photos

I took careful notes and photos, as I was banking on taking advantage of the full refund! But, my notes have proved me wrong and I attribute Addie’s recovery mainly to your products and recommended plan. Thank you!

Debra Baker – Lewisville, TX

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