Papilloma Wart on Shepherds Tongue

Day 1 Christmas

River, Our Shepherd Free of Oral Growths After 1 Week.

River Clears Oral Growths from Tongue.

River, my 11-month-old puppy, had an oral growth with two smaller ones forming on his tongue. At first, I tried a supplement and antibiotics recommended by our Veterinarian. The treatments were supposed to help boost River’s immunity and hopefully clear River’s growths, but they grew more significant after two months.

I searched and discovered a story about a similar Shepherd on the NZYMES.COM website. The Nzymes worked so well for that dog that I ordered the Nzymes® Oral Health Support Kit for River. I began following their Oral Health Support Program Instructions when the products arrived. Within a few days, all three growths on River’s tongue started shrinking. After one week, they were all cleared!

I recommend the Nzymes program if your dog suffers from oral growths in the mouth. Our River has been growth-free now for over three weeks!


River’s Oral Health History

Papilloma warts on Shepherd dogs tongue

2 Months Prior

Close-up of Papilloma Wart of Shepherds tongue

Day 2

Shepherd After 5 Days with Nzymes Papilloma Program Cleared Wart from Tongue clear

Day 3 Using Program

I Was Surprised at How Quick the Papilloma Growths Went Away

  • #1 photo) Taken before Christmas with a wreath around his neck.
  • #2 photo) Taken at Vet’s office 2 months before.
  • #3 photo) Close-up of River’s tongue was taken a few days before Christmas.
  • #4 photo) Taken in the car just 3 days after starting the Nzymes, already a big and part of it is missing.
  • #5 photo) Taken one (1) week later after beginning the Nzymes Papilloma Support Program.
COPV support kit
River's papilloma warts cleared form tongue after 8 Days

Day 7 – 1 Week Later

Oral Growths Cleared in Only One Week.

Nzymes Oral Health Support Program works, believe it or not! Thanks for your products, we are very happy. You can see by the last picture that River is happy pup once more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Leah C. – Charlotte, NC.


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