Candida Support Kit for People


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Introducing Nzymes Candida Support Kit for People!
Candida, or the Overgrowth of Yeast in the GI tract, is often the true culprit behind a wide array of maladies faced by people in our modern world. This Kit serves as an integral part of our program to help address this problem naturally, and return the GI tract to a more normal state.
The Ultimate Immune Support Kit! – Even for people without a Candida issue, the items in this kit can serve to boost and enhance the immune system.
SPECIAL DEAL! -This Bundle contains FREE Bottles of Complex for People and Topical Spray Solution.
The Tincture of Black Leaf® in this kit Contains Walnut

Antioxidant Complex Complimentary

This 'Complimentary' bottle of the Complex is provided as a bonus to our patrons upon purchase of this Kit.


Ox-E-Drops for People

The Ox-E-Drops, as used daily with water, tea, etc, provides significant immune support against a variety of microbial invaders...and more.


Black Leaf Tincture for People

A Special blend of Herbal botanicals, including Black Walnut, Cayenne, and Olive Leaf. Excellent immune boosters, and support against fungal overgrowth.


Pro-B Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Pro-B provides, in a single daily capsule, the support needed to support and maintain a proper microbial balance in the digestive tract.


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Ox-E-Topical Complimentary 4oz

Free with this Bundle - This Ready-Made 2% Solution of Ox-E-Drops is perfect for any topical application. Recommended uses for rashes or other surface symptoms.


Antioxidant Complex for People

Antioxidant Complex for People is our powerful 'live nutrition' supplement which can fuel the production of a series of the body's own Antioxidant enzymes - providing a plethora of health benefits.

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Candida Support Kit for People

The Candida Support Kit for People has been a long time in the making. For years, has been a pioneer in the areas of Yeast/Candida overgrowth with pets. Many pets, assumed to have “allergies”, have found their way back to better health once the True Nature of their problem was approached at the “root” level. That level is found in the Gut – the Digestive tract – It is the Foundation for the health of any Pet or Person

People who also suffer from the same basic break-down of the GI Tract may show a number of symptoms. It is often that those Symptoms are treated, yet underlying causes are overlooked. This can lead to much frustration, repeat visits to the medical clinics, and even to depression.

Common Symptoms of Candida

Symptoms may include Brain Fog, Chronic-Fatigue, Depression, Digestive upset, UTI’s, Rashes, Vaginal Yeast, Exema, or even symptoms that fall in the realm of “auto-immune” disorders. All of these problems can result from a diminishing of good, intestinal bacteria which makes way for an increase in Fungal organisms like Candida Yeast. Our Candida Support Program Page goes into much greater detail and is an integral part of using the Candida Support Kit properly.

Candida Support Kit Products and Purpose

A) Nzymes Antioxidant Complex for People – The Antioxidant Complex provides essential “Live-food” nutrition. This nutrition is key to the production of Antioxidant Enzymes by the body. Their primary function is to assist the body in removing toxic wastes that are building up in the cells.

B) Nzymes Ox-E-Drops and Tincture of Black Leaf – These two liquid items are key to helping create an environment in the digestive tract that is friendly for beneficial bacteria, and inhospitable to the fungal Candida yeast.

C) Nzymes Pro-B Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes – Nzymes Pro-B is a combination product. It contains both Digestive Enzymes and Live culture Probiotics. Pro-B is micro-encapsulated to ensure a greater survival of micro-organisms is delivered to the GI Tract. This is essential to restoring a good digestive balance.

D) Nzymes Ox-E Topical Spray Solution –  Ox-E Topical is a ready-to-use topical mixture of Ox-E-Drops and Ionized water. It is mild enough to be used anywhere on the body, yet formulated at just the right strength to make a difference for troubled topical areas.

See Candida Support Program Usage Instructions



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Antioxidant Complex Complimentary

Weight .3875 lbs

Ox-E-Drops for People

Weight .2 lbs

Black Leaf Tincture for People

Weight .3 lbs

Pro-B Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Weight 0.1875 lbs

Ox-E-Topical Complimentary 4oz

Weight .35 lbs

Antioxidant Complex for People

Weight 0.45 lbs

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