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When we say “Dog Health,” know that we start every day with customers who need our help. Whether large, medium or small, dogs make up a significant part of our lives! They are our constant companions, and they provide unconditional love. They are irreplaceable, and they are often our best friends. Therefore, it is only natural for us to want the best for them. That includes being responsible for their excellent DietHealth, and SafetyNzymes is dedicated to offering you the best – Natural Products with Real Results! Yes, results that you can witness and confirm. Nzymes products are backed by a 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

We Welcome Your Calls for Our Help and Advice

People visiting  are often seeking help for an ailing pet. Please trust us when we tell you that it’s always best to start with a direct call to get the answers you need. Feel free to Dial us (877-816-6500) to discuss your dog’s health and for our best recommendations.

Processed Pet foods full of sugar

Why Does Your Dog Need Nzymes?

Because Dogs Need More than Processed Pet Food and Treats

You need to know what’s in your dog’s food. It’s not what you think. People are surprised when they discover a low ratio of meat and meat by-products and much higher ratios of starchy carbohydrates. Most commercial pet foods range from 42% to 53% sugar content after processing. Heat and processing at 200 to 325 degrees denature the food’s nutrition content and reduce the carbohydrates to sugar. Worse, sugar is not listed on the label. It is easy to see where health problems come from with this much sugar consumed daily by our pets. Your dog’s diet is crucial. That’s why dogs need Nzymes!

At Nzymes, we don’t sell pet food; We recommend healthier Pet foods and treats because they are needed. See our recommended list.
Pet Foods Recommended by Nzymes

Nzymes Natural Pet Products

Nzymes Products are Very Important for Your Dog’s Health

The Nzymes product line is relatively small but mighty and supports many areas of a dog’s health. The “live-food” nutrition we use to make our Antioxidant Treats or our Superfood Granules can go a long way in filling the gaps in a dog’s diet. The power of the superfoods delivers the nutritional means for healthier energy, mobility, skin & coat health, digestion, neurological functions, and more.


Nzymes Antioxidant Pet products

Superfood Protein, Antioxidants, Minerals, and Vitamin Support

The “Superfood Protein Formulas” used in our Antioxidant Treats and Sprouted Granules help deliver the natural dietary nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes that support a pet’s bones, muscles, organs, tissues, skin, and coat. This “LIVE” protein nutrition is designed to soothe discomfort, harness the body’s natural power, and may help ease many pet health issues and challenges.

Antioxidant Support – The ‘Live Food” nutrition found in the raw granules enhance the body’s ability to produce critical Antioxidant Enzymes in greater abundance. Enzymes like Superoxide DismutaseCatalase, and Glutathione Peroxidase are at the forefront of cellular health. It’s simple when the cells are better able to perform their functions, better health results. Lastly, the natural antioxidant structure may help cleanse toxins, strengthen the immune system, and support all aspects of the body’s metabolism. Nzymes® Superfood Nutrition is so desperately needed with today’s diets of over-cooked and processed pet foods.

Nzymes BacPak Plus Family Bottles

Bac-Pak Plus – Micro-Encapsulated Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

Good health begins in the GI tract. Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus is a powerful and cost-effective Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme blend. This blend helps promote proper digestion and the natural assimilation of foods. Bac-Pak Plus was created for use with dogs of all ages and may help optimize a pet’s digestive tract and immune health. Only a tiny amount is used daily, so for pennies a day, your pet can benefit from the added support of this well-designed blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics.

The “Micro-Encapsulation Process” ensures efficient delivery of live digestive enzymes and probiotic cultures to where they are needed most. It offers critical protection from external temperatures and damage from stomach acid. This protection ensures that the majority of viable bacteria reach the GI tract.

It is now available in 3 Sizes, no matter how large or small your “pack” is, we have a Bac-Pak Plus size that is just right for you.

Nzymes 2 oz. Ox-E-Drops and 8 oz. Ox-E Refiller

Ox-E-Drops – Delivers the pH Every Pet Owner Needs!

Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops is a safe and stable compound of 5% Sodium chlorite and Reverse Osmosis Water. The few drops you use each day internally help provide and more stable pH balance for dogs while at the same time offering special protections and immune health support. Ox-E-Drops release precursors, which assist the body in the removal of potentially dangerous free radicals and toxins; Regular daily use therein supports healthy immune functions and the fight against unwanted invaders. It is naturally alkaline (pH 13), and the fluid is clear or slightly yellow in appearance.

People recognize the essential benefits of  Ox-E-Drops for themselves and their pets. When the body is in a balanced alkaline state, there is less likelihood of suffering from chronic disease. Foods and fluids consumed daily directly impact the acid and alkaline balance levels of the pet’s body.

Add pH Balance for Your Dog’s Gastrointestinal and Immune Health

We invite you to read about all the different uses of Ox-E-Drops and Ox-E Topical. See our “Guidelines for Use” and catch our Ox-E-Drops Reviews here.

Nzymes Ox-E Topical Spray & Eye-Drops solution

Ox-E Topical Spray Solution – Support for Skin, Ears, Eyes, and Oral Needs

Ox-E Topical Spray Solution is a ready-made solution of Ox-E-Drops and ionized water used for just about any topical skin need. For years, we have provided instructions on the bottles on how to make the Topical Solution yourself at home. Still, several characteristics make the original bottle unique. When mixing Ox-E topical yourself, use Distilled or Filtered water. Remember: Ox-E-Drops must always be DILUTED WITH WATER before topical use.

Comes Made with Ionized Water

Only Ox-E Topical Spray Solution comes with our unique, ionized water. The process mimics nature as ionization occurs when moving water crashes on rocks in a waterfall or on the shore, or when the air is charged after a thunderstorm, you can smell it. These instances create a known therapeutic effect that cannot be denied and can be measured! Think about how you feel when walking on a beach, beside a babbling brook, or inhaling the sweet, humid air after a summer rain. The water molecules, in these cases, carry an extra electron, creating a negative charge or ionization. (info)

Perfect Bottle – Easy to Refill and Make More

The Ox-E topical slender design fits nicely in hand. The sprayer produces a fine mist ideal for most topical needs. Keep one in a purse, diaper bag, or a car’s glove box. You can even carry one in a gym bag. If you want to re-fill the bottle with your own water, you can use; (4 oz. pure water + 40 drops) of Ox-E-Drops concentrate and viola! 

Nzymes Tracite Minerals for People

Tracite Minerals – Deliver Minerals, Elements, and Amino Acid Support

Nzymes Tracite Minerals provide over 70+ essential trace minerals and 18 amino acids for your pet in an easy-to-give, highly absorbable form. These elements play a vital role in cellular regeneration and bio-electrical functions. Their presence enhances the uptake of nutrients, and the activity of antioxidants, making them a perfect companion to our Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules.

The Body Requires Trace Minerals for Cellular Regeneration.

Each day, your pet’s body must replace dying cells with new ones. Trace minerals provide the building materials required for this purpose. In today’s world, the soils are depleted of mineral content due to over-farming. Medications are known to strip vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the dog’s body, leaving your pet’s natural resources in a deficit. Start using Tracite Minerals, and we guarantee you will see the difference.

Nzymes Tincture of BlackLeaf for Pets

Black Leaf Tincture – Herbal, Immune, and Parasite Support

Black Leaf Tincture contains three key beneficial ingredients; Black Walnut, Olive Leaf, and Cayenne Pepper. Each of these ingredients is potent in its own right. They work together and provide powerful support for the immune system. 

They also offer support in the battle against parasitic invaders. Numerous non-commercial articles and blog posts document the benefits of these powerful ingredients.

Comprehensive Nutritional Health Programs for Dogs of All Ages

Dog Healthy Skin Program

Before After

Healthy Skin Program

Papiloma Support Program

Before After

Oral Growth Support Program

Respiratory Support Program

Respiratory Support Program

Can “Super-food” Protein Supplements Really Make a Difference?

We invite you to watch this short video. It shows a number of dogs plagued by a variety of different issues.
Their stories are a testament of what a body can do on its own when given the proper resources.

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