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Injury or Trauma in Dogs

By Jae on August 9, 2014 - No Comments

Reduce Recovery Time & Difficulty

InjuryorTraumaDogsWhen your dog has the misfortune of an injury, or suffers the trauma of an accident, it may be comforting to know that there is special, all-natural nutrition that you can provide that can greatly help the body reduce healing and recovery time. Many of our customers have reported surprisingly short healing times for their pets after elective surgeries such as ear cropping or even more intense corrective surgeries such as torn ACL repair.

The reasoning for this is similar to the way the products help the body for joint pain (arthritis type) issues. Rather than “masking” the pain, as traditional pain killers do, pain is abated naturally via the body’s own natural processes for lowering inflammation, restoring lubricating fluids, and helping with soft tissue healing. The pet’s body is not “fooled” into thinking there is no pain. Rather, he moves better because pain is naturally subsiding, recovery is progressing, and he actually “feels” better as a result.

Likewise, the increase in metabolic enzymes improves cellular function, which in turn promotes faster healing.

ACL or Knee Injuries:

These are fairly common in dogs and often may require surgery.
With or without surgery, the body needs all the help it can get to speed recovery, and there is no better help available – for enhancing the “restore and repair” capabilities of the body – than the special “live enzyme” nutrition found in our Antioxidant Treats or the Granules.

To see an example of enhanced ‘restore/repair’ capabilities in ACTION — see Bella in Recovery from Paralysis.

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