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What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky-Gut in Pets - What it means If you are reading this, chances are you may not yet know what leaky gut syndrome in dogs is...but there’s a good chance you already know it’s as gross as it sounds, and you've likely found this page by discretely Googling diarrhea,...

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Dog Bloat & Torsion Problems

  Facts on Twisted Stomach / GDV in Dogs Bloat sounds be a funny word, but there is nothing funny about bloat when it comes to dogs. The issue of dog bloat this is downright scary and must be addressed immediately and properly.Dog bloat, twisted stomach, and...

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Biggles, a Dachshund had Digestive Problems

Health Problem:  Eating/Digestive Disorder, Coprophagia Biggles was 2 years old when I adopted him from a shelter. There was a connection made when we saw each other and I believed he would be a great friend. I started him on Bifidus, a probiotic, and It took 3 weeks...

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Bloody Diarrhea in Dogs

  What to do About Bloody Diarrhea in DogsBloody diarrhea in dogs can be a serious concern, and you should take the pet to the vet as soon as possible for a proper professional assessment. Depending on the actual issue, it may not be good to waste time. There can...

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Brittany Spaniel and Vaccine Reactions

Copper's Issues:  Vaccine Reactions, Limping, Lethargy We got Copper on May 3rd from the Irvine Animal Care Center. They estimated that Copper was two years old. On April 30th, he had been given the following vaccinations/medications: • DHLPP • Corona • Bordetella •...

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Gas in Dogs

Help for a Stinky Problem with Dogs Gas in dogs can really be a stinker of an issue to deal with. We love our pets... but, at times their flatulence can really mess up the ambiance of our home (or even worse, the vehicle). Though there may be times when an illness is...

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