How Natural Support for Injury Recovery is Helpful

Well, this all started when it was feeding time. My 1-year-old cat “Big Boy” is always the first one to greet me and of course, show up to eat. However, that day he did not come home for dinner. He is allowed to hang outside during the day. So, the next day came and still no Big Boy, until I faintly heard a meow in the garage, and there he was. I went to pick him up when I noticed he was walking sideways. I soon realized he had been hit, and I could only assume by a car.

Big Boy Getting Better

Well, as soon as I could corral him, I took him to the emergency room (which cost $350) where they were able to take x-rays and inform me that he had a broken tail. At this point, I thought it would be okay because it could be healed, right? Well, the vet explained that because it had been broken by the pelvic area, there could be no way of putting a cast on him. His tail would never heal and therefore his tail would need to be amputated. But, we still had to see if he would be able to go to the ‘restroom’ because with having a broken tail, that could affect his stool. They gave us some med’s and sent us back home.

My poor Big Boy was in such pain that I just wanted to take him back to the vet, but this time he wouldn’t let me get near him. All I could do was comfort him and let him rest. For a week I gave him his medicine, fed him and took care of him until he finally started coming around. But I was still worried that he was not eating properly or even worse going to the restroom.

So one day, I decided to search the internet for any type of help when I came across Nzymes.COM site. After reading all the testimonials, I decided to give it a shot, I had nothing to lose. I started feeding Big Boy the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats with his food and he was eating it all up. Within a week he his appetite had grown and he was now running. As every week went by I noticed his health started improving. He was running now, jumping, and going to the ‘restroom’. One day, I called him and noticed his tail had movement. What can I say; I was ecstatic to see his little tail have movement again. A couple of weeks passed by since, and I’ve seen much improvement in the movement of his tail. He can now actually lift his tail and it’s getting better every day. Even if he doesn’t get complete movement, the fact that he can move it and not drag on it the floor is great for me. I’m thankful that I didn’t choose to amputate his tail because if it wasn’t for Nzymes®, I don’t know where my Big Boy would be now.

Brenda Couoh
Ontario, CA

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