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Natural Help for Feline Achy/Stiff Joints & Improved Mobility

Help for Cat Joint StiffnessDoes your cat appear to be limping? Is he or she slowing down and not jumping up on the counters like they used to? Is it taking them longer to get up from their naps? Though achy or stiff joints – where arthritis would often be assumed – is a much more common issue with dogs, this malady does creep into the lives of cats from time to time, causing distress and worry for loving cat owners/parents. Fortunately, there is a tremendous amount of information on this site about dogs finding relief and renewed youth based on greatly improved mobility.  So, we advise that persons seeking help for a cat might do well to spend some time looking over the dog-related content on ‘like’ subject matter, including available videos.

Cats are tricky animals. It is hard for cat owners to tell if/when our babies are in pain. All we can do is watch their routines and judge to see if we think they may need a trip to the vet or some nutritional support.

If it appears your cat is struggling with degraded joint health, and the associated discomfort, your best bet is to give your cat a fighting chance to turn things around – rather than adding the complexity and expense of pharmaceuticals. Get your cat on the NZYMES® Sprouted Granules right away; you will be so happy you did! How can you be sure? These issues are FAR more frequent with dogs. And we have a great variety of VIDEO evidence with dogs making fabulous rebounds from the very worst of mobility struggles; just CLICK HERE to get a list of some amazing recoveries on video. You owe it to yourself to spend some time understanding just how dramatic the results can be – when you take that leap of faith and give your pet a chance to turn things around; they will surely surprise you. While most of the offered videos are ‘paralysis’ related, can you imagine a more challenging issue from which to make a rebound? The inflammation, pain, and disability in these cases is as bad as it gets; minor to severe issues with stiff or achy joints is surely much easier to deal with.

And, in many of these cases, you will see such quick results that you’ll be blown away! Read one of many stories we have received from our customers below.

Why Does It Work…

From nearly 2 decades of experience, we’ve found that MOST of the joint-pain problems that cats experience are related to loss or breakdown of the critical synovial fluid needed to cushion & lubricate joints, which protect the cartilage while maintaining comfort. LACK of critical enzymes like SuperOxide Dismutase (and its cousins) contributes strongly to synovial fluid degrading, drying up, or losing lubricating qualities. The result is wear or damage to cartilage, along with inflammation, soft tissue damage, and pain. Our Nzymes® Sprouted Granules give the Body resources that can be used to better manage inflammation, as well as quantity, quality, and viscosity of critical synovial fluid for healthier joints. All this from just adding one-half teaspoon to their meal per day.

Products Suggested to Support Joint Health of Aging Cat

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