Can this dog, Nash, Really Get by Without Spinal Arthritis Surgery?

Nzymes NOTE:
This post is very special to all of us here at Nzymes. The following story about serious dog mobility problems, is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about our work and our clients. Below is the story of Nash – this beautiful Alaskan Malamute – written by his loving owner, Shirley. Nash is 8 years old, 120 pounds and was suffering from severe back, hip and joint problems. Shirley agreed to let us share this story with all of you to give hope and help to anyone else who may be struggling with these debilitating joint issues.NASHIE Alaskan Malamute with joint problems

Our story begins when our dog Nash, could not get up one morning.  He was a very active dog – mainly when he was younger – jumping from the bed in one bedroom, all the way across the house, over the couch and then through the doggie door – I guess he thought of it as a daily exercise routine.

As he got older that stopped – at least the jumping on and off the beds stopped.  He has a cushioned sleeping area in my bedroom and this one day he couldn’t get up. He had severe pain and would yelp. He was dragging his back end around and we had to lift him up and carry him. He could walk very little, acting as if he had sciatica.

For the next 3 weeks, he was on numerous medications from the vets. He would lay on the floor with a heating pad on his spine for relief and then an ice pack (back and forth). X-rays were taken, blood work, etc… The only thing they could see was 2 discs that looked like they had some arthritis… after the 3rd week with NO improvements, I had to take him off all the pain killers because he started to have constant nose bleeds that lasted for hours.

The vet gave us two options:

1. Bring him 60 miles away to a place that does MRI’s and then possibly has back surgery (around $6200.00), with a 50% chance of improvement. The vet mentioned that if Nash was younger, the outcome of the surgery would have a higher success rate – but with his age and possible scar tissue, etc. – the outcome would be if-y.


2. Decide when to put him out of his misery.

We brought Nash home and I decided to go online and see what other options I might have.

I found this site, read some of the success stories and said, why not?  So I ordered the Nzymes and paid for the quickest delivery possible.  The order came as quick as promised and when it arrived, I gave him his first round at 2 pm with a little food – then again at 10 pm. The next morning I gave it to him at 9 am – then again at 5pm….he was already improving on his appetite and thirst. Then the following morning after he got his morning round… he got up, with a hitch, and walked out the doggie door

I thought NO WAY… this is impossible…

Just 2 days ago he couldn’t get up on his own…It had been over 3 weeks since he was able to do that!!! He improved a little each day… and now he really has only a slight hitch, when he’s laid out in the snow or on the cold deck for a while.

As far as the vets know, they probably think he died.  I can’t wait till he goes back in for his yearly exam.  He acts as if he is 4 years old now. Honestly, if they prescribed this or sold this at their animal hospital, their patients would be far and few in-between!   Please, if your big doggie has a problem with his joints, back or hips – try this… give it time – it works!   And honestly, why wait… start him or her on it now and help prevent any of these possible problems!!

THANK YOU, Nzymes for saving NASH!!!!

And thank you, Shirley for sharing your love for Nash – and your story with us!

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