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Pepper Diagnosed with IVDD Walks Again

IVDD Is One of Many Diagnosed Dog Paralysis Causes We would like to thank Ms. Wilson for sharing Pepper's pic and story with us during our Photo Contest. This poor, sweet girl had endured quite a bit but is doing much better now. Over our nearly 20 year...

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Fox, Shih-Tzu Mix Recovering from Paralysis

Happy Paralysis Recovery for Fox After Incident Fox is our 7-year-old Maltese Shih-Tzu, loves to play and cuddle. He's always been a healthy dog. About a year ago, a routine trip to the groomer turned out to be devastating for me and my family which left us with a...

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– Dog Paralysis Help Options

Help Alternatives for Dog Paralysis - Effective OptionsIt is easy to see that Paralysis issues with dogs are one of the more common challenges facing pet parents these days, as people are coming to NZYMES® for such help on a near-daily basis.  And, there is a good...

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4 Common Causes of Canine Paralysis

If your child developed paralysis it would be heart breaking. So, as doggy parents, getting a diagnosis of canine paralysis is equally devastating information… but it’s perfectly possible for most dogs to survive this difficult condition with a little extra help from...

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Chihuahua with Paralysis, Pinched Nerve

Pee Wee's Issues: Pinched Nerve and Paralysis Challenges In October we took our Chihuahua, Pee Wee, to the vet because he was walking unsteady and he could no longer jump on the bed. The diagnosis was a pinched nerve in the back and hip-joint degradation. Our vet...

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