How Nzymes can Support or Aid with Hepatitis Challenges

hepatitis in dogs

Hepatitis in dogs:  This is a disorder that involves inflammation of the liver, and is common to many animals, as well as humans. Hepatitis in dogs is caused by the virus CAV-1 which is not one that is infectious to humans or other animals. Dogs typically acquire this disease by inhaling or ingesting the virus present in urine, nasal or eye secretions present in infected canines. And, as you may know, when dogs are out for their walks, they are always sniffing the ground or wherever they may pick the scent of another dogs urine. This behavior, of course, makes for easy opportunities for such a virus to be transmitted from one dog to another. After entering the blood stream, the virus attacks several organs, including the liver, eyes, and kidneys. 

While hepatitis can be a very serious, not all cases of CAV-1 will lead to the disease. Some dogs show few to no symptoms after being infected. In its mild form, some dogs will have a cough, simply lose their appetite and run a mild fever for a few days. One symptom that may, on occasion, develop is “blue eye”, which is a bluish discoloration of the cornea of the eye. This symptom may show up within one or two weeks after contracting the virus and succumbing to the illness. Normally, as the body is able to build the necessary antibodies, the affected dogs are then immune to the disease for the remainder of their lives. Symptoms of CAV-1 Hepatitis (other than previously discussed) include diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice, weight loss, depression and severe weakness. Affected canines can also develop other, more serious issues, such as cirrhosis of the liver, chronic kidney disease, or glaucoma. Once a dog has become infected with CAV-1, there is no cure; it’s simply up to the body to get the virus under control and create the antibodies.

Fortunately, CAV-1 is rare in the United States and Western Europe, since a vaccine exists to prevent the virus.

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