Customer Provided Verbal Reviews on Dog Mobility Troubles

This page hosts a number of audio recordings of customer-provided verbal reviews on dog mobility troubles preventing their dogs from enjoying the life they deserve. Their words detail issues troubling their canine friends, and then what they witnessed upon using Nzymes® antioxidant support supplements. The health issues involved with these dog mobility troubles range from complete paralysis to arthritis discomfort, or to simple issues like limping with an unknown cause. While we also have a good variety of “before and after” Videos provided by satisfied or happy patrons, it can very worthwhile and enlightening to actually HEAR these customers report on what they have witnessed as actual users of the Nzymes® products for natural support with a huge variety of health challenges.  This page, of course, is focused on the mobility challenges that keep dogs down and make getting around just so uncomfortable that they just don’t feel like moving, or they don’t even want to be touched sometimes, like Charlie below.  Some items are lengthy, and some are short, depending on complexities involved, or the person is related information on more than one dog.

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9 Customers Verbalize Experience Using Nzymes® for Dog Mobility Issues:


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chihuahua Verbal Review 1:  Charlie – a Chihuahua playing and jumping again

Review Recorded and provided by pet parent Francis Benson

Verbal Review 2:  Debra Denton,Newfie-Mix diagnosed with Hip Dysplasianewfie-mix

NOTE:  Ms. Denton, like many of our customers, has trouble saying our ‘trade-name’. The Red N in Nzymes is supposed to help clarify pronunciation as “N Zymes” (or ‘enzymes’) but often fails. Our main products provide the Body with resources very effective at stimulating production of Antioxidant Enzymes key to youth (SOD, etc).

russian sheepdog

Verbal Review 3:  December, a Russian Sheepdog with Hip Dysplasia

Recording of owner Janet Finley, with her review of Nzymes performance with her Sheepdog with diagnosed Hip Dysplasia

siberian husky example

Verbal Review 4:  Abby, a Siberian Husky with Shaky Legs and Jerky Motions

Review recording on the ‘shaky legs’ problem provided by pet parent Nancy Falonen

Verbal Review 5:  Lilly, Lab Mix with Disc Disease (IVDD) and Paralysis Issueslab mix example

Audio Review by pet parent Shannon Hersey, Full VIDEO STORY HERE

english bulldog

Verbal Review 6:  English Bulldog and Trouble with Steps/Stairs

Audio recording offered/provided by pet parent Kim McKela reporting how much easier the steps are now for her canine friend.


Verbal Review 7:  Pee Wee, a Chihuahua with Pinched Nerve issues

Voice recording provided thanks, pet parent Kay Serrano


Verbal Review 8:  Dina, Lab-mix Diagnosed Hip Dysplasia & Surgery recommendation

Voice review & discussion of Dina’s history and issues, as provided by Mary Ann Freeman

dog clip

Verbal Review 9:  Jill Dufore, her Dog had Spondolyosis Problems

Ms. Dufore’s recorded review enlightens about results with her dog’s mobility problem, as well as powerful help with her horse and with herself.

Not to be overlooked, here are our latest Written REVIEWS on Mobility

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