Mike’s Journey to Understanding Enzymes

Where it all started

The year was 1997. My wife and I had just taken ownership of the cutest Chihuahua puppy you’ve ever seen. He had belonged to our niece, but her lease renewal was up, and no dogs would be allowed. Since we had a home of our own with a fenced yard in a quiet neighborhood, it was a perfect fit for “Tigger’s” new home.

Meanwhile, across the country…

..Stan was working on a new health supplement for pets utilizing enzymes. This amazing formula had stopped his own dog, Biscuit from having severe seizure episodes. In giving out samples, he soon learned of the many other types of health issues that would melt away with the introduction of the live-food enzymes.

The lesson began with a personal  experience 

By 1998, we had noticed Tigger was running funny. He had a 3-legged “bunny-hop” motion that concerned us. At his 1-year vet visit, he was diagnosed with a Luxating Patella (floating kneecap). The vet offered surgery with no guarantees and suggested he would develop arthritis in later years.

We were devastated. Surgery was expensive, invasive, and may not even work! That’s when Stan sent us a sample of his new formula. We started Tigger on his daily “Treats”, and within 2 weeks, we saw a major difference. He was running normally!

Here’s where the story gets interesting. After some time had gone by, I was taking Tigger’s mobility for granted. He was better now, maybe even “cured”? Well, that’s what I thought, but then he ran out of his special treats…

Within a couple of weeks, his 3-legged hopping came back. I was puzzled and mentioned it to Stan in a conversation. That is when he explained to me about the role this special nutrition was playing in his health. It had not corrected his Luxating Patella, it had allowed him to function in spite of it! Without this daily resource, his body lacked the means to produce adequate enzymes. He sent us some more samples, and within days, Tigger was running well again.

My life focus changed

That proved to be a pivotal moment in my life. Being a “nuts & bolts” kind of guy,  I had to know WHY, and HOW these changes were coming about. That led to many afternoons spent in the public library, and online researching Antioxidant Enzymes and their effect on body systems. Stan and I spent many hours on the phone as we discussed case after case of pets (and people) whose lives had been changed by this formula. The more I learned, the more I knew my life would be intricately tied to Nzymes, and in helping people find simple answers to common problems. 

In the years that have passed since those early days, tens of thousands of people have found happy answers for a variety of health challenges by the introduction of this simple form of nutrition. As always, we are delighted to have played a part in the process.


Product used by Tigger

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