Mozzart Living Clean Healthy Life Inside & Out

We would like to thank Marina for submitting Mozzart’s pics and story during our recent Summer Fun Photo Contest. It is always a pleasure to hear from our Cat clients as they share how the Nzymes products are playing a vital role in their pet’s health and well being.

Clean healthy living starts from the inside out, for ANY creature, Cat, Dog or Person! The Live-food enzymes in our Treats or Granules help facilitate the removal of toxic build-up in the cells, promoting better health. The viable Digestive Enzymes and Probiotic cultures found in our Bac-Pak Plus, enable excellent digestion and a healthy gut environment. Mozzart’s story is a testament to both.

My first tuxedo kitty was quite sick when I learned about products. He was near death and when I started using Nzymes Sprouted Granules and Bak Pac Plus, he lived another 2 years!

It was clear to me then how important nutrition is and those extra things that help digest and clean the body! This picture is of my kitty I rescued around the time I discovered Nzymes and has been a very healthy kitty for all these years, probably due to these 2 supplements I give them daily! I always recommend Nzymes to anyone with pet health issues.

Marina Berny
Hawaii, USA

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