Our Precious Pup Had Become Paralyzed!

September 25, 2018:
My Nzymes journey began a little over 3 years ago when my dog Dutchess had lost the use of her rear legs. I immediately did an internet search to find her a wheelchair, as putting her down was not an option. This search led me to Brenda Johnson here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My husband and I met with her and her husband and witnessed the amazing results of her dogs running and playing in the yard. Brenda explained that Beanut and Bella both were paralyzed and regained mobility after taking Nzymes and supplements with a raw diet.

We now had hope for Dutchess who could not walk, or even squat to do her business or go up and down stairs. We would carry her outside and clean her up after each trip outside. The very next day we changed her diet to raw and added Nzymes and supplements. Within four days Dutchess regained the use of her back legs and no longer needed help to go up and down stairs, or to squat! We were overwhelmed with what we had witnessed in such a short period of time. Dutchess now could live out the rest of her life with quality and dignity.

There’s More to the Story…

My Husband was also a Mess

After more meetings with Brenda, we discovered Nzymes was for people too! My husband John, suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and was on many medications that of course, had many side effects. His hands were the size of baseball mitts due to the severe swelling. Long story short, he stopped all his medications and started Nzymes and the same supplements as our dog Dutchess, and today he is 79 years old and off all his prescribed medications, and no longer needs to see the specialist. His Doctor told him whatever you are doing it is working and I no longer need to see you.

I was a Mess Too!

My story has been a challenge, to say the least however it is one that needs to be shared. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2000 or 18 years ago. From taking no medications to my taking many, my roller coaster began. There were so many pills to lower blood sugars, and then new drugs that came on the market that would cause many side effects. Then shortly after that, low and behold, I had high blood pressure, more pills, and then I had high cholesterol, more pills and than I had an underactive thyroid, again more pills. Sugars were not lowering so meds were increased. Then the dreaded word insulin long acting I was told I needed to lower my blood sugar, well if that wasn’t enough, I was then put on another insulin called “fast acting” or rapid to be taken after each meal. I ended up in Emergency back in 2015. As it turned out, they said I was over-medicated and should see my Doctor, the very same Doctor who prescribed me all those meds? His reply to me was, “I don’t know what to tell you”, and then prescribed more insulin? Very frustrating.

Getting on the Road to Health

Now I took matters into my own hands, started researching all the medications I was on and began reducing or eliminating them altogether. I too started Nzymes and supplements along with my husband and after a short while, my blood pressure returned to normal, my thyroid also became normal, my blood sugars improved, and my cholesterol I was prescribed 40mg Crestor, so I cut the pill into fourths or 10mg, and tests revealed normal.


New Addition to my Regimen

Now, this brings us to September 1st, 2018 where I further took matters into my own hands and said if my dogs and so many other dogs have had such outstanding recoveries with changing their diets and adding Nzymes and supplements then this may be my answer. I was given the opportunity to try a new product from Nzymes called Tracite Minerals, which Brenda and her family had already been using since May. Along with eliminating certain foods from my diet I have seen amazing results, I am thrilled to share.

In just 22 days, I have reduced my insulins from 100 units per day to 28 units per day! I am no longer taking rapid insulin with meals! I continue taking Metformin. My blood sugars are no longer spiking and remain steady through the day. I have also lost 10.6 pounds in just 22 days! Blood Pressure normal, Thyroid normal and Cholesterol Normal. I will continue moving forward with my diet, along with Nzymes, supplements (CoQ10, Colloidal Silver, Cannabis Seed Oil) and now Tracite Minerals!

I do believe, I will be off insulin completely within the next few Months and continue to lose weight. Stay tuned . . .


Karen G. Rodko-Tavares
Nzymes Pet Crew 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Don’t Stop Believing

Footnote from Nzymes

We are very happy that Karen and John are finding their way back to health via natural means. Like so many of our Human Product customers, they discovered the natural path through an incident with their precious pet. When they see those results, they begin to ask “What about me?” They soon discover that Natural Products can bring about Real Results for them as well.


Karen especially wanted to share her experiences with our New Tracite Minerals, since we are launching them today. As she has attested, they have had a profound impact on what she was already doing. This is key. We have made a commitment to our customers to only offer products that are unique and can make a genuine difference in your regimen. Tracite definitely falls into this category. In addition to providing a wide spectrum of trace minerals and elements, they have the capacity to act as a catalyst, effectively multiplying the impact of other supplements she was already taking. We are looking forward to many great stories in the future.


Individual Results May Vary – Like any natural product, the impact will vary from person to person. Overall, we expect happy results with any of our product line. We recommend consulting with your physician for any serious condition. Both John and Karen were well acquainted with their regimens, and watched closely for changes.