Oral Growths or Papilloma Warts in Dogs

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Recognizing Papilloma Warts & Knowing What to do

Canine Oral Papilloma Warts, associated with COPV, are characterized by cauliflower-shaped growths within or around the mouth of the dog; but, they can occasionally develop on the skin and around the face as well. These warts tend to grow and multiply rapidly. The underlying Papilloma Virus is contagious and can be contracted in communal settings like dog parks, kennels, grooming facilities or anywhere dogs are in close contact. The likelihood of contracting this virus is higher in young dogs where immune systems are still developing, but older dogs or dogs with compromised or under-performing immune function can be highly susceptible as well.

Rising Number of Cases of Papilloma Warts in Dogs

The increased incidence of COPV wart issues in recent years is likely due to the continued rise in widely available, and very appealing communal settings, such as dog parks, doggy daycare, etc; wherein, the opportunity for the virus to spread is much greater than where dogs are restricted to the home environment.

Veterinary Approaches

Most Vets dealing with Canine Oral Papilloma Warts (COPV) may recommend removal by surgical method (excision), freezing or burning. Or, it may be suggested to just “leave it alone, and watch it”, with an explanation that the growths may go away in 6 months or so.  However, such invasive answers don’t really take into account the ‘viral nature’ of the problem; wherein, the chances of reappearance are very likely. Nor do they take into account what we often hear from pet owners – that this problem has the potential to spread rapidly around initial mouth and tongue areas, or even progress into the throat where things can get more dangerous quickly.  Such growths in the throat can make swallowing very difficult for the pet.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

This is why taking an approach that helps the body deal with the root-level nature of the problem, is so important.  Think of it from this example: It’s like trimming a weed vs. pulling a weed. If you are able to pull a weed, root and all, the chance of re-growth is very slim. But if you simply trim a weed leaving it flush with the surface, it may look great for a time, but you know there is a very good likelihood that it will be back. Why? Because the root was left intact. The answer to COPV is not in simply trimming the Papilloma warts off, but helping the immune system root it out.

The Nzymes® approach is quick, safe, and highly effective.

The Nzymes Papilloma Support Kit

The Nzymes® Papilloma Program is easy to follow and accomplishes the desired goal using the Nzymes® Papilloma Kit. This comprehensive Kit supports and aids the body’s own efforts to deal with the challenging COPV, while also providing effective help to shrink troublesome oral growths.
The Kit includes the following: 1 bottle of Ox-E-Drops, 1 bottle of Tincture of Black-Leaf, 1 bottle of Ox-E Topical Spray Solution, and an Oral Syringe .To strengthen the immune system, we also include a complimentary bottle of our special Antioxidant Treats for Pets. 

Using the Kit as a Part of the Program

The program is safe and easy, and our success rate is very high. While results may vary, this is based primarily on the underlying condition of the pet in question. Overall, we expect a 1 to 3-week turn-around for most pets; however, it is important to keep using the products to continue strengthening the pet’s immune function for the weeks and months following. This Nzymes® all-natural Program has helped many worried dog owners breathe a sigh of relief when faced with papilloma growths in their canine friends.

Keeping Track of Progress

We are very thankful for, and often encourage our customers to photograph their pet’s progress. This serves two purposes. First, it helps the customer to clearly track the progress of their own pet. Secondly, their experiences are very often able to help others who are desperately looking for answers for their pet.

Final Considerations

We want to thank you for your time and consideration today. If you are here because of a COPV challenge, we understand. The Nzymes® approach is always geared towards getting after root-causes when it comes to health issues. Health challenges like COPV are often able to be put to rest by simply strengthening the body’s own natural immune function. In a nutshell, that’s what Nzymes® all-natural products are all about.

Your Complete Satisfaction is Covered by our Money-back Guarantee!

Support Kit for Oral Papilloma Warts in Dogs

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