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Dog Flu or Canine Influenza

  Facts and Resolution Options for the Dog Flu Dog Flu / Canine Influenza Overview The Dog Flu is an illness or Condition usually involving respiratory distress and possibly other symptoms, such as fever. Being caused by the Canine Influenza Virus, this type of...

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10 Facts About the Dog Flu

Things you may need to know - if you suspect 'Dog Flu' Most dog owners have heard of the canine influenza virus, but here are a few quick facts about the dog flu that are helpful for every dog parent to know. 1. What is the dog flu? The "dog flu" comes as a result of...

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Bulldog Emmet Overcomes Puppy Pneumonia

Emmet's Respiratory Problem:  Puppy Pneumonia Emmet was Congested Two months ago we brought our new Bulldog puppy home with us. That day, we noticed right away that something wasn't right with him. Besides green mucus coming from his nose, he sounded horribly...

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Recovery Story, Dog Cough and Runny Nose

Sadie & Baby, Respiratory Issues:  Dog-Cough, Runny Nose Our two Chihuahua's, Sadie (4 years.) and Baby (2 years), came down with a dog cough. Their noses were runny and they would start wheezing and then gag. Sadie was worse than the Baby. I ordered the NZYMES...

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Asthma in Dogs

  NZYMES Can play a Supportive Role with Dog Asthma Dog Asthma, What it is Asthma in dogs, as a chronic, repetitive condition of your pet's respiratory system, is an ailment that makes normal breathing very difficult for the afflicted dog (or other pet). From time to...

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