Trinket’s Melanoma Saga, by Rachel Kitts

Rachell with Trinket

Rachel:  I was hired as a caretaker for Trinket, a 15-year-old gray Arabian mare. One very common problem for gray Arabians is the development of skin melanomas and Trinket was no different, she had numerous melanomas all over her body. In addition, she had some stiffness and mobility issues, due to inactivity, which caused her to stumble now and then.

So far, after only a couple of weeks on Nzymes® Granules, her energy level and desire to run, run, run, has come back. She definitely has more get-up and go and her legs aren’t so stiff anymore. And, it seems that the Nzymes® Granules have really helped with her problems because her occasional stumbles are almost gone.  The problem area near her rear-end has changed dramatically. Instead of bulging out like before (almost larger than a grapefruit), it was starting to reduce and flatten.


Bulbous melanoma on horse real

Also, the skin where the issue formed on is starting to either flake off or dry up and crumble off. Everyone here at the stables has made comments about the changes. Before this, Trinket used to have to rest her tail on the mass or move with her tail raised-up as she moved. That is not the case anymore.

Her body obviously needed the extra “oomph” internally to help deal with the poor immune health she had been experiencing and that’s where the Nzymes® Sprouted Granules come in. She has areas like this speckled throughout the rest of her body. Those are about the size of peas, and another on her rump the size of a quarter.

Nzymes helps with melanomas in horses

After about 3 weeks of topical spraying those areas using a 2% topical solution of Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops, I noticed that they have begun drying up. At about 1 month they started falling off her body. Underneath there is fresh skin each time which starts growing hair and filling in. I must say that I am truly amazed at the results the Nzymes® Sprouted Granules and Ox-E-Drops have delivered.

Her coat and overall appearance have improved dramatically! Over this last month, I noticed 4 inches of new hair growth at her mane and tail.

NOTE: See Rachel’s Nutritional Program for Horse Melanoma Issues

Also, I wanted to let you know that Trinket just loves her Nzymes® Granules. She really goes crazy as soon as she sees me open the bottle. It has become a new source of enjoyment for me.

Rachel Kitts – Fountain Valley, CA

P.S. – My experience in caring for Trinket taught me a great deal that I now incorporate with MY OWN HORSES.

Please enjoy the Video Interview of Rachel with Trinket

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