Why Dogs Turn to Coprophagia (Consuming Feces)

Dogs' coprophagy

Although Coprophagy in dogs is more prevalent during fall and winter, this very unsightly habit of stool eating is rather natural and fairly common no matter the season. It’s also likely a practice that is a hold-over from prehistoric times – as part of the preparation for the winter months. Various animals had been known to be prone to this habit.  Also, there is a fair amount of information to support the concept that this ugly habit can be a ‘competition’ related activity – especially in situations of several dogs sharing a yard or terrain, kinda like ‘ the first dog to it is the winner’.  Though, you would not expect this to be the driving force in a single-dog household.

The thing to consider here are all the many other types of health problems, especially digestive,  that can develop from this undesirable habit. You got to consider parasites like worms, giardia, bacteria, virus and fungus, all which could be present in the unwanted stool.

Stool eating for many dogs can ALSO be tied to missing elements in the diet. Especially relevant in the realm of our domesticated dogs is the lack of important dietary enzymes that are important to nutritional health, yet missing in commercial and processed foods. This adds yet another very good reason that it is so important to supplement the daily diet of our dogs to maintain correct balances.  But there are multiple variables that eating poop brings into focus when it comes to the right supplements.

A Natural Approach to Reversing Coprophagia Issues

For problems of this nature, we suggest the use of One of the Nzymes® 3-Pak Kits – Large or Small to provide important missing components which are affected by this type of behavior

Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats and Sprouted Granules for Pets are derived from our proprietary blend of dried and ground soybean sprouts. This powerful Super-food soy protein is then granulated to form the final Raw product, the Granules. These are, in turn, used to make the Treats, along with some trace vitamins and Rice bran. The sprouts carry the full “life force” of the plant and therefore provide a key “live food” resource to the diet. This “live food” resource greatly aids in the body’s natural production of its own primary antioxidant enzymes, which are instrumental for every recovery or repair issue, and also in detoxification and free-radical cleanup duties of the body.

Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops for Pets is added every day to your pet’s food and water and it is a safe and stable compound which offers many INTERNAL uses and much more TOPICAL uses when mixed with water to create a powerful 2% Topical Solution which can be applied for dozens of reasons. Internally, It helps support a healthy pH balance and aids the body’s fight against common pathogens commonly developed in the digestive tract. Ox-E-Drops is highly alkaline (13pH) which provides an unwelcome environment for problematic microbes, and assists the body in the removal of dangerous free-radicals and increases the efficiency of enzymes involved in the oxidation of foreign material in the body.

Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus is a powerful blend of microencapsulated probiotics and digestive enzymes. This Micro-Encapsulation process provides key protection against external heat sources as well as damage from stomach acid to ensure that the majority of the viable microorganisms (bacteria) reach the GI tract – where the benefit is needed. This blend promotes proper digestion along with improved assimilation of nutrients.

OPTION:  New Product -Nzymes Tracite Minerals. This item is sold as a Human Product and is shown on our People Products page. Tracite contains 70+ micro-minerals and elements that we simply do not get in adequate amounts from our fruits and veggies. Some of our clients have remarked that sharing their Tracite with their pets has made a noticeable difference in their stool-eating. That would stand to reason, as supplying these vital elements could be at the core of the dog’s desire to re-process waste material. For most pets, the recommended amount would be 2-4 drops added to their food dish twice daily. For more, see our page HERE.

For a more comprehensive understanding of how to help your pet in this realm, please review the Blackwatch Feed Program at the GreatDaneLady.com website where you will find a comprehensive diet for helping your pet. Each feed program recommends the use of Nzymes® to provide adequate amounts of “live food” for providing necessary daily nutrients which can sway the balance of body chemistry in a way that can help reduce the compulsion for your pet to eat stools.

Products Suggested for Coprophagia Concerns in Dogs