Symptoms: Itchy Skin/feet, Hair Loss, Discolored Skin, Weight Loss

Around late October, we started to notice our Great Pyrenees, Alf Ralph, was developing yeasty skin symptoms on his belly and legs. After consulting with the vet I was given a two-week supply of medications for his skin problems. After two weeks on the medications, the problems had gotten noticeably worse and Alf was scratching and biting at himself constantly and pulling at his hair.

I went back to the vets and they offered me some more medications, but after the conversation, I wasn’t confident he was being diagnosed properly. I wasn’t sure what to do. Within 3 weeks Alf had pulled much of his hair out and had been biting at his feet to the point they were raw and bleeding in some spots.

Alf’s health had seriously deteriorated; he had lost 25-30 pounds and looked like a bus had run over him. He had pulled out most of his hair that he could reach, he had large looking clumps on his feet that were so sore you couldn’t touch them.

Next, he had started staying in his doghouse most of the time. During this period I went out and also found another vet to get a second opinion of what could be wrong with Alf and what all could be done to try and help him.

I had mentioned Alf’s condition to some doctors that I work for and one of them had mentioned that her dog had recently had some skin issues and they suggested that I look at a website called Nzymes.COM. After looking at the pictures of Blizzard I was convinced that Alf was suffering from the same type problem and so I ordered the Nzymes® Healthy-Skin Kit, Large.
By Late November I had Alf on a steady regimen of the Nzymes® products, as well as fish oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, some holistic dry dog food that I purchased from the raw food pet store, and some medication from my new vet to help treat his skin and heal up his wounds. I had also moved Alf out to the garage and began hand feeding him two large meals a day to make sure he was getting the entire Nzymes® product that he needed. During this time I also tried to take pictures of Alf on a regular basis so we could monitor his progress.

After approx three months Alf is now well on the mend, he has gained back most of his weight, his hair is coming back all over his body, he’s moved out of the garage and back outside and he is happy and playing with the other dog and the cat again and enjoying life. I can’t say that it was one certain product that was behind his recovery but I think the combination of the Nzymes® products, as well as the help of my new veterinarian and the people from the pet food center, saved him. I have attached some photos that show his recovery, I have more but there’s too many to attach to one email but it will easily show you where he was and where he is now. Thanks for your products; I hope these pictures help someone else with their pet.

R. McCormick – KY

alf_ralph_afterUpdate: 6 months later
Just took some shots of Alf today and you can see for yourself he is returning to form. His hair has been filling in very good and we still expect more improvement. Really the only major difference that we’ve noticed lately is his coat filling-out real thick, and his skin is now turning back to its normal pink color. Although he still has a lot of blackened skin, the pink areas are getting larger and the black ones smaller.

Thanks again for your help!

R. McCormick – KY

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