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Nutrtional Support for Hock & Stifle Problems in Horse

Natural Support for Hock & Stifle Problems in Horses

Hock and stifle exampleThe Hock and Stifle, as the main lower and upper rear-leg joints of the horse, bear not only a majority of horse and rider weight, but they are subject to the brunt of all the abuse that comes from pushing off or propulsion, as well as the demands of extended running or trotting. Then, you have more dramatic demands involved in jumping or twisting activities such as barrel racing or other events such as calf roping and such. No wonder that these joints are especially susceptible to injury, trauma, or wear. Once any such damage is done, lameness is likely to be apparent – due to the pain and inflammation. The demands of such complex activities – the quick turns, pivot maneuvers, sudden stops, and sudden acceleration, can take a toll on any horse.  The Hock joint is also where the Achilles tendon is attached, and this can add increased opportunity for injury or trauma.

Horse hock/stifle joints

The Hocks

The hocks are a key part of your horse’s hind quarters driving mechanism. Actions such as work at collected gaits or jumping, require extra hind-end effort which can be especially tough on these hard-working joints. Tight turns and small circles are pressure points to the hock, which can apply a twisting force causing pain or soreness. With miles and time ground working or under saddle, the joints can start to break down and cause hock problems.

A horse with hock pain will typically point the rear leg and place it under the body more than normal, especially if the pain is toward the inside of the hock. Early signs of hock issues can be very subtle and can creep up gradually.

  • May have an on-again off-again or intermittent lameness
  • Noticeable heat or swelling in the leg at the joint.
  • Could start out stiff but seem to “work out of it” as they warm up
  • Going downhill or backing off a trailer may be something that they resist doing

The Stifle

The stifle joint is remarkably similar to the human knee. When picking up a horse’s hind leg, the stifle joint bends forward, just as a person’s knee does when climbing stairs. This hind leg joint is one of the largest and most complex in the horse’s entire body.

A horse that is stifle-sore may show everyday performance concerns when riding. Stiffness, resistance to picking up a particular lead, pain or unwillingness to go up or down hills, swaying to one side when jumping, or in more severe cases bucking to evacuate the rider from their back due to pain are signs there may be an issue. When working in a circle, such as lunging, you may see the problem appear more readily on the outside of the circle. When stifle issues are present, the horse will rest the more painful leg and could be more comfortable standing with the stifle joint rotated to the outside.

Recommended Therapies

Equine Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture treatments for hock or stifle issues is a widely popular practice. Although, as in most cases of any therapies, there are well trained people and some not so good ones. Make sure to get some recommendations from others that have had successes.

Natural Support for Hock and Stifle Joints

The Super-food protein found in our Sprouted Granules enables the Equine body to produce a whole series of metabolic enzymes, such as Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase and others in that group. Their primary role is in NZYMES 2lb. Sprouted Granulesmaintaining cellular health by removing toxic build-up. Healthy cells are the foundation for general health. When the cells are healthy and thriving, healing and repair issues can be advanced; inflammation and stiffness can be controlled; greater energy can be released, and general overall health will be promoted. We believe this is the best way to promote effective and speedy recovery – via the natural processes involving this set of enzymes.

In this realm, of supporting enhanced enzyme functionality, we have a solid history of significant success with the NZYMES® Sprouted Granules as a natural yet effective answer to a wide variety of serious issues involving hock and stifle problems in horses.  Therefore, we feel very confident that this product is the best possible ‘all natural’ answer to providing help for your horse – especially in contrast to ‘more invasive’ answers.

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