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Hearing recommendations that your dog needs ‘yeast free’ dog food?

You’ve recently figured out that your dog is battling a yeast infection. You know that diet is a key factor in getting this problem under control –so now the hunt begins to find a yeast free dog food. Right?


This is misinformation at its finest… It sounds like it makes perfect sense – so someone somewhere put it out there – but the truth is those yeast ingredients are actually NOT the problem. You may find it remarkable that something you’ve read on the internet is not true, but I’m here to break it to you gently… Yeast free dog food will NOT help fix a yeast problem. At all.

But I won’t just leave you all alone to deal with the shock of this new naked truth… I want to tell you why it’s not true.

Under no circumstances, ever, does yeast feed on yeast. There are over 50,000 varieties of single-cell yeast fungi out there, and not a single one of thoseyeast free dog food species feed upon another species. Fact.

If only Robinson Crusoe had found more friends like that…

Anyway – while you don’t need to worry about finding a food without yeast ingredients, you do need to start hunting. Yeast may not eat itself, but it’s still a hungry ugly beast and it’s your responsibility to find and eliminate its source of stubborn sustenance. Sugar.

Therefore, a low starch/carb diet is what your dog needs to get this problem under control… he literally needs to starve the yeast infection to death. Anything that the body recognizes as sugar, or converts into sugar, is going to attach to the yeast, feed it, and help it grow in the body.

Potatoes, white rice, wheat, cornmeal, crackers, cookies, and pasta are just some of the ingredients that you want to avoid in your dog’s new diet. Look for some protein ingredients like meats and green veggies – these are good helpers and you can supplement the carbohydrate source for brown rice (or something equivalent).

So please – don’t believe the hype about yeast free dog food. A yeast free dog food could actually deprive your dog of the B complex factors, which would be a shame and could potentially harm his health. Your dog is already suffering because he is battling this ugly overgrowth of yeast – we need to starve the yeast – not deprive the dog of the nutrients he needs.

This takes some time and research – here’s a list of foods we’ve research that can help you get started.

Products Recommended for Yeast Problems in Dogs, Cats, Pets

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