Bergien, horse breathes easier

Bergen Struggled with Heaves & Weight Loss

This is Bergen’s story…

Bergen is my 12-year-old daughter’s horse that was having some major issues with his lungs. He has been diagnosed with heaves which is a non-infectious airway condition. In horses, that is also called recurrent airway obstruction or commonly known as COPD.

Since April of 2017, he has spent most of his time coughing and wheezing. When my daughter would exercise him, the coughing was so bad that it became dangerous for her to be riding him. He would cough so hard and be so out of breath he would buck simply because his body was heaving out of control. I asked our vet to do a thorough exam on him; she did and then prescribed steroid medications. This seemed to help the condition, but after a short time; with the completion of the drugs, the coughing returned. So, we tried a second time (June 2017). Again, the same results! As he and I went through this process, he became lethargic and lost a significant amount of weight – if I had to guess, I would have said 100 pounds or more!

Bergen’s hair began to show signs that his health was poor. It was patchy, he also lost most of the hair on his mane and his tail seemed to be thinning as well. He was so gaunt but unable to eat enough to sustain himself. When he would eat from a bale, the dust would move into his airway making the cough worse. He wasn’t at all interested in foraging for grass either. We began supplementing him with high-fat senior grain feed but that still was not putting the pounds back on because his lungs were still so bad. He was SICK!

At this point, I decided that something had to change. It was around September when I started doing some research into ‘non-medicinal’ treatments of heaves and found 2 products. We initially started him on an Omega Lung Flush product and then onto the Nzymes Granules. What an amazing difference. Within 1 week he began to show signs of improvements with things such as green mucus discharge from his nose and mouth, a slightly higher interest in food and most importantly less coughing! The Lung Flush was a thirty-day program that helped to rid his lungs of the build-up that had accumulated and the Nzymes worked in connection with that to start to rebuild his system and continue releasing the “bad” in his body.

As time goes on, he has remained on his daily Nzymes Granules and has become the ‘good ol’ horse I once knew. He has STOPPED coughing and wheezing both while in the pasture as well as being ridden! He is once again thriving, is energetic and happy to just “be”. My daughter has her horse back and is now safe to be riding him but most importantly Bergen has his life back! What, a few months ago was a miserable blob in our paddocks has now turned into a “HORSE” thanks to Nzymes!

Kara Gardiner
Sunny Brae Acres – Wellness

Follow Up: February 11, 2018

Horse heaves, weight loss

Down the road a few months…
It has been 3 months since Bergen began his daily Nzymes regimen and the positive changes have been outstanding!  He has gained all of his weight back (over 100 lbs) and is now at a healthy active weight!  His cough is GONE and he no longer struggles to breathe.  His coat once was thin and dull, is now so full and luscious. He even has grown his mane back!

After battling such a terrible ailment, and being a horribly sick blob in our pasture, my daughter’s horse is now living life and it is all thanks to Nzymes! She is able to ride safely and enjoyably while knowing that her horse is healthy!

Don’t stop believing,
Kara Gardiner

Bergen Doing Workout After Bout with Heaves

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