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Is Natural Help Effective for Melanomas in Horses?

White horse melanomaHorse with melanomas keeping you worried?

Melanomas are cancerous growths on the skin and are a fairly common issue with Gray or White Horses, as they normally spend a great deal of time in the sun. As with humans, the UV rays of the sun are thought to be a major factor in Melanoma growths developing with horses.

There are two key items within the NZYMES® natural products line which have shown to be of significant help in the “nutritional approach” to doing battle with your horse’s Melanoma problem.

For Full information on help for horse Melanomas using the ‘natural approach’, see the article provided by Rachel Kitts:


The FEED PROGRAM referenced above leverages TWO powerful NZYMES Supplements:

Antioxidant Granules: This ‘whole live food’ supplement is helpful in supporting maximum immune system effectiveness as well as many other metabolic processes within the body. Many have reported that the horse Melanomas began to shrink in a short amount of time using the NZYMES® Granules.

Bac~Pak Plus: This product is a specially formulated combination of ‘digestive’ enzymes and direct-fed microbials (probiotics).  This is enormously helpful in the realm of repairing digestive problems that can form the foundation for many health issues in the body.

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Products Recommended for Melanomas in Horses

NZYMES Granules and Bac-Pak Plus 400g