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If you are like me, when you call a Customer Service line, you want to talk to a REAL person, not some soulless auto-attendant. is a Family-owned company, and we strive to give our customers the best help for their unique issues. Therefore, Customer Service & Phone Support are TOP priorities with us. Our team of experienced phone support agents have helped tens of thousands of people over these last 20+ years. Many times it is absolutely imperative to get to the bottom of the underlying problem to best advise a path forward. That can only come about with a detailed conversation.

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Help Us Help You

Our world is becoming less and less personal by the day, as more segments of our society become automated. Losing that personal interaction can often lead to a sense of bewilderment and frustration. When you have a pet that is having any sort of health issue, you could use a friend or at least a person who understands. The KEY to our phone support team is listening to background information and asking pertinent questions. Nzymes makes a complete line of all natural nutritional supplements that can play a major part in helping a pet to recover. The other part is knowledge and understanding of the issue at hand, and other key information that is critical to success. Won’t you consider giving our team a chance to help?

CALL TOLL-FREE   866-463-4575   Hours:  6 am to 6 pm Pacific time, M-F

Phone Support Continues AFTER the Sale

One of the biggest aspects of our philosophy at Nzymes is helping the customer achieve success. Many times, that means service after the sale. We absolutely welcome this. We know that some cases can be extremely difficult, especially with yeast/allergies/skin issues. Many pets come our way after years of compromising treatments or modalities. Those first few months can be quite challenging as the pets must go through a detoxification phase. For the customer, this may be all new to them. However, our team has been over 1000’s of similar cases, and knows the right questions to ask. Many times, our phone support staff will make specific recommendations for the pet in question to help them through the phase they are in.

Old-School Ways for Today’s World

Who does that in today’s world? We do! Most companies just want to make the sale and move on to the next customer. We don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and getting involved on a deeper level if that’s what it takes to get the job done. Personal service like this is available for any Nzymes customer or potential customer.

Natural Products.. Real Results the company slogan for Our goal is to address everyday issues faced by Pets through Natural Means. How much better when those “Natural Means” deliver great results again and again? The Nzymes product line provides the body with nutritional resources that deliver essential elements to address so many areas of health. Here is a list of some of the most common uses.

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Paralysis
  • Allergies/Yeast Infections
  • Ear/Eye/Urinary Tract Infections
  • Seizures
  • Papilloma (COPV)
  • Digestive Concerns

Got Struggles? We Get It!

However sometimes there can be impediments to progress. Please don’t become disheartened. We have numerous examples of pets who have taken longer to respond or that may require a more well-rounded approach to their program. Speaking to one of our Customer Support agents can often give direction and help getting back on track. Give our Phone Support Team a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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