Roxy Was Down & Out, In Danger of Euthanasia

Once again, we wish to thank a special pet owner, Nicole Kane of Washington, for submitting not only precious pictures of her dogs for our Summer Contest, but this encouraging story of ROXY, her Rat Terrier suddenly disabled by Paralysis.
Breed:  Rat Terrrier  •  Issues:  Sudden Paralysis  •  Date:  9/24/2018


These are my sweet little old girls Roxy and Princess. They are my everything. Every morning I Make them breakfast and also cook them dinner. I give them an Enzyme (Nzymes) pill every day.

Nzymes truly saved my dogs life! Roxy could not walk. We are not sure what happened to her but the vet said when they are so old they could just move wrong. I took her in on Easter day to the emergency vet and they said if she is not better in a few days they would have to put her down. I was devastated.

Roxy literally could not even sit up or go to the bathroom on her own. My grandma helped me do some research and we found Nzymes. She had then started to get better after a few days, and in a week she was walking on her own. Now she is as happy and as playful as ever. I am so happy to have found this product for my dogs. They are two happy dogs!

Nicole Kane, WA

Products Used

Antioxidant Treats


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