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Natural Help for Reversing Equine Calcification Buildup

Calcification in horses is a problem that seems to affect them much more than other animals, perhaps due to the extra demands placed upon the body of a horse due to riding, racing, and unique demands applicable to horses. However, simple vitamin/mineral imbalances in the general foods for horses can also add to calcification problems throughout the body.

Calcification in horses is an odd occurrence in which calcium (a metallic mineral) builds up within soft tissue; the result being that these tissues then harden due to the calcium build up. How hard is calcium? Think about that hard ring that forms in a toilet bowl that cannot be scrubbed away. Though needed by the body, both horse and person, it can also cause health issues. Calcification may have classifications – based on whether there is a proper “mineral balance” (or not), or based on the location of the calcification.

Here’s the good news – adding this powerful superfood soy protein, NZYMES Sprouted Granules, to the diet each day has shown most often to be very effective at helping the body achieve a level that can help the body is the correct balance and re-distribute calcium and may sometimes reverse or prevent further deposit issues.

See this story from Aubree about the horse, “Dreamer” who had great results with joint calcification use the NZYMES Sprouted Granules.  Click the link below and try it out today. Feel confident, with the backing of our 120-Day Money back guarantee (see the bottom of page).

Nutritional Support for Calcification Concerns in Horses

NZYMES Sprouted Granules

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