Nutritional Support for Calcification in Horses

Vitamin and Mineral Imbalances

Calcification in horses is a problem that apparently affect horses much more than other animals. Perhaps this is due to the extra demands placed upon the body of a horse. For instance, regular exercise, riding, working or playing and the other unique demands applicable to horses. However, simple vitamin and mineral imbalances in a horse’s food can also be a contributor to calcification problems within the bones throughout the body.

How Does if Form?

To clarify, calcification disorders occur when calcium (a metallic mineral) collects and builds up within soft tissue areas of the body. In addition, the affected soft tissues become hardened from calcium accumulation. Finally, the result is a contributing factor to painful mobility for the horse

How Hard is Calcium

How hard is calcium? Think about that hard ring that forms in a toilet bowl that cannot be scrubbed away. Though calcium is needed by the body, this malfunction can create pain & impede movement. Calcification may have classifications – based on whether there is a proper “mineral balance” (or not), or based on the location of the calcification.

The Good News

Just add the powerful Nzymes Sprouted Granules to the horse’s diet every day. The Super-Food contributes effective resources that help the body balance many of its metabolic processes.  In addition, this includes the matter of calcium distribution, which has shown positive results in not only horses, but with dogs, cats and people too.

Read About Dreamer

Read the story from, Ms. Aubree, about her horse, Dreamer, who had great turn-around with joint calcification troubles with daily use of the Nzymes Sprouted Granules.  We urge you to try our Granules today! Witness if your horse shows the same results as others have. Feel confident, protected by our 120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.  Yes, you have up to 4 months to evaluate our product. So, we suggest to use the Nzymes Granules all up! This is the quickest way to see if your horse turn-around with our powerful super-food help.

Nutritional Support for Calcification Concerns in Horses