Issues: Yeast Overgrowth, Yeasty Ears, & Itchy Red or Blackened Skin

Bulldog Savanna skin issues before Nzymes

Savanna’s Story, from 2009:

I had taken Savanna to her vet 3 times for the same recurring ear infection. She had been on four different antibiotics, along with a bilateral ear pack with another antibiotic and a shot for the pain she was in. She had already started to break out with bumps all over her body before the last antibiotic round, and after that, her hair just started falling out and her skin was filled with oozing sores.

Bulldog Savanna after 3-mo on Nzymes
Bulldog Savanna - yeast cleanse started

The Vet suggested the next move should be the dermatologist, but I really wasn’t sure I had enough money to pay the dermatologist on top of the $250 I had already spent each time I went to the Vet the previous 3 times for the same ear infection issue. My problem was – they keep charging you even though they don’t fix the problem and Savanna just kept getting worse. They seem to want to treat the only the symptoms and not the root of the problem.

NOTE:  While the original problem was just a repeating ear infection (yeasty ears), after repeated ‘steroid/antibiotic’ treatments her entire body became a serious mess, especially her face.  The Nzymes® Skin Program (yeast cleansing) was just beginning about July 8, after no hope of improvement on those standard ‘allergies’ treatments.

So that’s when I decided to go online and start investigating to see what the vet might be missing related to her symptoms. Then I found you guys on Nzymes.COM. Thank God! I started reading and it all made sense. I started her (on the Healthy-Skin Program with a Small Kit) on July 10th; and like you said, she got worse before she got better. I followed all the instructions to a ‘T’. I am happy to say that we finally turned the corner and she is now starting to get more active and acting like my old Savanna

She loved the raw-food diet right away, and I was hand feeding her because she was so weak for the first 4 weeks. She is now eating on her own and roaming around the house doing her thing. She is even going to the bathroom outside now, instead of on the “piddle pad” I had down for her. So, she seems to be well on her way to recovery.

Bulldog Savanna - 1 month into yeast cleanse
Bulldog Savanna - much yeast progress

Thank you so much for saving my dog not to mention my bank account. She still has a way to go – getting her fur back like it was before all this happened. I did shave her down so I could make sure I got the topical’s where they needed to be and the medicated shampoo (also) got to where it needed to be. So, the pictures might still look not so good; but, believe me, she is 80% better as of today, August 19th.

UPDATE, 9-23-2009: I’m happy to report that Savanna is chasing the vacuum cleaner around again with lots of enthusiasm. So she is pretty much back to her old self, her neck area is starting to get some fur back now too. I truly think you guys saved my dog’s life. She was going downhill fast before getting your products.  Caryl Tilling

See Savanna’s Recovery progress in a special 1-Minute quality Video Pictorial

UPDATE, 9/30/2009: My hope is that when someone sees how bad Savanna was, and how much better she is now, that there is hope for their little baby. I’m not saying it wasn’t scary because there were times when I thought that maybe I should have had her put down. But when I looked into her eyes, she let me know she was fighting to stay with me. All I know is it sure feels good to be able to snuggle up with her and hold her again without hurting her. Her fur grew back in so soft, she feels like a stuffed animal.

UPDATE, 8/16/2010: Now she is back to her good old self. Beautiful coat, clear bright eyes, even my vet couldn’t believe how good she looked from the pics I showed her at her worst. She was amazed, as is everyone that sees her and saw her when she was sick with the yeast infection. My advice is to hang in there and do what they tell you to do, and yes your dog will get worse before they get better. Just be patient. I hope you can see how bad my Savanna was before, and how good she is today.  SAVANNA (at right), all well in October 2009.


Caryl Tilling – Arnold, MD


Bulldog Savanna - after Nzymes program

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