Storm, Siberian Husky gets Help for Pemphigus Issue

July 25, 2009
siberian husky - artWhen we took Storm to the vet for the skin issue, the vet said Storm had a pemphigus type skin disorder, probably caused by vaccinosis (toxins in vaccinations) that would require the life-long administration of steroids to suppress the symptoms. After researching the destructive side effects of such drugs, we opted to try the homeopathic remedies, ALONG WITH the Nzymes® 3-Pak instead.

On June 7, 2009, we administered the homeopathic remedy – Thuja – to cleanse the body of vaccination toxins; two 30 c pellets on the tongue, and Hepar Sulphur, 30 c, three doses of one pellet in one 24-hour period. On June 12th, we started him on the Nzymes® 3-Pak program.

Every day, I sprayed the spots on his muzzle 3-5 times with the 2% solution of Ox-E-drops, then gave him 2 drops of the Ox-E in filtered alkalized water, as well as adding 3 drops to his regular drinking water bowl. I bathed him once a week with medicated shampoo to cleanse the skin. I mixed his Nzymes® and Bac-Pak with his food and vitamins daily.

The third week, the rash seemed to worsen, breaking out around his eyes in red, raw looking spots and I worried that he might have to go on the drugs after all, but then I remembered what it said on the N ZYMES® website, that about the third week, the symptoms will seem to worsen, but this is a sign of the immune system resetting and the body ridding itself of toxins, so I continued with the Nzymes® program. Within a couple days, the areas were recovering, then the fur began coming back in.

In thirty days, we repeated the Thuja and Hepar Sulph doses for good measure.

It’s only been six weeks on Nzymes® now, but there is much improvement and we’re very grateful to be able to avoid putting him on any harmful drugs.

For good measure, I put my other Siberian Husky on Nzymes® too, and they seemed to clear up a nagging dry cough she’s had.

Thank you, Nzymes®.

Katherine St. Germaine


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