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Easy Solution for Too Much Cat Shedding

Shedding in cats is a normal process. It is how they lose their dead hair. However, too much shedding in cats can be highly indicative of poor health quality of the hair follicle itself. And so, excessive shedding, however, is not normal; wherein, we would normally assess TWO possibilities:

    1. Nutritional deficiencies have led to follicle health that is sub-par and very low in lanolin content that is so highly relevant to a healthy coat. If the hair follicle is weak – the shedding problem is worse – that’s just a fact. The condition or health of the hair follicle can be compromised for many reasons but the most common of these is poor nutrition.
    2. There could be other, more complex issues at hand that are just getting started, and where hair loss is just an early symptom of worse things to come. Cats are also susceptible to Yeast problems, though not nearly so often as dogs.  And when yeast is getting its start (at taking control of digestive, intestinal tissues) early symptoms may include hair loss, too much licking or scratching, and even possible ear infection or itchy ears.  So, with excessive shedding as a concern, we highly suggest that you take a quick assessment of your feline friend by visiting our SYMPTOM CHECKER and making note of your final score. If you get a number of 5 more, we invite you to CALL (877-816-6500) for expert help and support, which is one of the main offerings of Nzymes.COM — something that is very hard to find at most of today’s web-based retailers. Don’t fret if you miss us on weekends or after hours, we WILL call you back.

Finally, if item ONE above is where you fit, or your Symptom-Checker score is under 4, then one product below should suffice to begin turning things in a much better direction for you precious feline friend. Yes, just adding Nzymes Granules to your cat’s diet will provide much-needed nutritional resources to launch the body on a path to increased wellness; part of which would include repairing cells damaged by toxins and free-radicals that is a core factor in poor follicle health resulting in shedding problems. These products will give your pet the needed nutritional boost to help get his/her shedding problems under control!

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See one Example Story of improvement – with a Cat named Chauncey

Product to Support Digestive Improvement & Reduced Cat Shedding & Hairballs

Granules - 1lb

The Story of Chauncey: B. Smith, FL
Chauncy, cat hairball story

For almost three years I have been fighting shedding and hairballs with my cat. He was bringing up large and long hairballs. Honestly, I did not think the Nzymes Antioxidant Treats were going to work, but they worked great.

My Chauncey has Siamese bloodlines, but the breed is Balinese.  His hair is about three inches long.  I have now been using this product for 60 days, and my cat’s coat has a shine to it. He does not bring up hairballs or shed anymore.

B. Smith, FL